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From The Confessional: 'Husband Confessed To Being A Sex Addict'

Mom friends, job troubles, babies who won't nap, and more: What 21 parents are talking about this week.

by Emma Coburn

When you pictured motherhood, part of that image might have involved all your new mom friends: people you met at a baby and me group, then kept hanging out with for life. For many parents, though, good mom friends are the exception rather than the rule. This week in the Scary Mommy Confessional, several people had thoughts on this— from a mom who recently relocated and is having trouble finding a group, to one who wonders why she’s always the one making plans for everybody. Other topics range from the professional (being fed up with life in corporate America) to the intensely personal (a husband’s admitted sex addiction). Read on for the full roundup.

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I’m a teacher on holiday but when do I get a holiday from my own kids?!

Confessional #55617827

I wish I had a group of friends...I’m 34 and I never do anything

Confessional #51728909

My ex won’t support putting our daughter in therapy.

Confessional #51413590

I really hate my job and because I’m a divorced mom I need to work.

Confessional #55156557

I HATE that my daughter prefers my MIL over my mom

Confessional #59099871

BILLS! Vet. Property tax. Income tax. Plumber. Electrician.

Confessional #55165142

After 15 years and 4 kids, I don’t feel connected to my husband AT ALL & it hurts

Confessional #51910867

I’m in my mid-30s and just realizing I think I’m on the Autism spectrum

Confessional #55156278

I don’t want to work in corporate America anymore.

Confessional #56176290

I’m sick of hearing “embrace this newborn phase”. No, I cannot embrace while drowning

Confessional #51627765

I don’t want to divorce my cheating husband

Confessional #56198872

I’m so overwhelmed all of the time. When does it get easier?

Confessional #57187625

Why am i always the one to reach out to friends

Confessional #57189876

Why don’t I have more mom friends?

Confessional #55169098

My husband confessed to being a sex addict

Confessional #51787654

My 10 month old refuses to nap and it’s killing me

Confessional #51767896

I feel like we can’t afford to go any where with our 3 kids. And I feel like we’re the only ones.

Confessional #51898765

In a new state, and finding mom friends has been incredibly difficult this past year.

Confessional #51909876

I wish i had more mom friends

Confessional #51987108

I desperately need ME time. I feel like I’m drowning.

Confessional #51627716

Single mom here. Found a guy who doesn’t view my kids as a burden!

Confessional #58976153