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From The Confessional: I Really Needed This Win

47 total strangers share their secret good news.

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

These days, it feels like we could all use a win. More than two years deep in a pandemic most of us are still just starting to process, it wouldn’t be crazy to turn off the breaking notifications on your phone, since the news just seems to get worse and worse... Which is why you, like me, might enjoy reading the following 47 pieces of good news shared by total strangers in the Scary Mommy Confessional.

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DS, ASD, 8.5 years old......finally out of nighttime diapers! I want to shout from the rooftops but hadn't told anyone he was still using them. So proud of this kid


3 years ago I was on food stamps and today I have no cc debt, I no longer owe the IRS money and my credit score is 680 (not amazing but wayyy better). Truly feeling proud of myself.


Today, for the first time ever motherhood was what I imagined: we built a snowman, had a snowball fight, made snow angels, and then went inside and drank hot chocolate and cuddled under a blanket. Amazing!

Confessional #8266432

My book was just published in Japan.

Confessional #5655569

I AM FINALLY PREGNANT!!!!! I am so so so happy.

Confessional #5456203

I bought a house! Proud of myself. And to my exH who said I would never make it without him...kiss my A**!

Confessional #2244257

Mom of 2 kids. I have been unhealthy and overweight for almost 10 years. Finally started working out a few months ago and today I somehow won an impromptu race at my gym against 15 very fit people! I felt like I won a gold medal at the Olympics!!

Confessional #9667084

I'm pregnant! 4 weeks and 3 days. Been trying for 3 years, so super excited! Can't tell anyone else yet but had to shout the news somewhere!!!!!!! :D

Confessional #5603425

Toddler had a screaming tantrum in the airport bathroom. Coming out of the stall, an older woman told me, "You're a good mom," before drying her hands and walking out. Those words saved me from having a breakdown and missing our flight.

Confessional #9664880

When I was 8 I told my mother I hated her in a fit of rage. She smacked me right across the face. Tonight DD5 said she hated me. I hugged her and said I understand you're angry but I'll always love you. Feel like I just undid 30 years of damage.

Confessional #7050629

My daughter has special needs. She is READING! I don't talk about her struggles to protect her privacy but I had to share with someone. So proud.

Confessional #7327952

I told off my workplace bully.

Confessional #6656931

I can't say this on my FACEBOOK page but my husband and I paid off our $10,000 credit card debt today. We are both teachers and have been working second jobs for a year!

Confessional #25777626

Had the day off and slept, took a 5 hr nap and it felt great! First time is months I wasn’t exhausted.


To the woman who came up to me in the grocery store to tell me I was a good mom, thank you. I had to hold back tears. Two toddlers, work, and a distant H have exhausted me. I don't feel like a good mom but I put on a good front. Your words were a Godsend.

Confessional #9661364

We won the lottery! Nothing big, but enough to get ahead of some bills. Made a pact not to tell anyone IRL.

Confessional #4494840

Tonight after everyone went to bed I took a walk to the local park to sit by the lake b/c I was on the verge of a panic attack. A lady cop came to question me and listened to all the stuff I haven't been able to say. I needed that kindness so much.

Confessional #11265746

I’m really shy, but I initiated a play date today. I am so proud of myself.

Confessional #9805411

I drove on a highway today! Sure, it was only for 15 miles, but I did it. I conquered a fear, kept my cool when I almost got side-swiped by a truck, and I didn't get killed. Take that crippling anxiety!

Confessional #2920217

My patent came in the mail yesterday!! I'm a f*cking inventor!! So proud of myself!

Confessional #18873752

It's been ten years and he finally proposed!!!!

Confessional #7653966

Just wanted to share some good news with you guys..I feel like you are all my damn friends. I’m pregnant after having an ectopic and losing half of my tube back in July. The baby is alive and well..I’m so happy!!!

Confessional #25764605

Went to the gym, and came home to everything being done!! H rocked it and I feel relaxed. He's a good person.

Confessional #25870654

I graduated today! Just community college, so not a big deal, and it took me 4 years to get a 2 year degree bc I'm a mom with 4 kids and I work but I did it! I am now officially a dental hygenist! Job starting in Sept with full benefits!!! So proud of ME!

Confessional #25131437

My H and I just paid off our mortgage!!!

Confessional #25858474

DD wished on her birthday cake to have a baby sister, and after 30 cycles of trying I'm finally pregnant!! That girl is magic!!!

Confessional #5693309

We had a bit of a windfall and paid off our house today!! It’s insane. I grew up poor and my husband lost his job during Covid. This is such a blessing and I cant really share with anyone!

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Confessional #25811431

We had to replace our broken kitchen faucet & found a fancy one-touch model on super clearance at the store. It’s ridiculous & sad how excited I am about my faucet.

Confessional #25870768

My wife and I started marriage counseling. It's hard talking about our problems to a stranger but after each appointment I love her a little bit more than I thought I could. And now I believe we might actually make it.

Confessional #8216695

Autistic DD said " yes I do" in response to a question I asked her yesterday. I freaked out and told everyone I know, they all seem underwhelmed. She f*cking answered a question people!!!!!

Confessional #16142659

I get anxiety at the thought of taking both my toddler and newborn outside by myself. I finally did this morning to rake leaves. I feel so free!!!!!!

Confessional #9805496

After 4 times...Our IVF worked! I'm speechless! So excited!!

Confessional #25762780

I was in a rush this morning and H packed me a lunch (first time ever). Now I'm sitting here eating it and crying happy tears because I actually feel loved. It really is the small things.

Confessional #10286606

I got a job! We will be able to pay our bills and have presents for Christmas!

Confessional #25759558

I ran 2.5 miles today without stopping! It took me 40 min but I’m so damn proud of myself!

Confessional #25783271

I just was offered a $26,000 scholarship!

Confessional #25817238

OMG! Today we found out that my 68 year old mother has survived throat cancer!! Happy dance!! Sadly I still have a child like fear of losing her! Crazy emotions!

Confessional #3137613

On Friday I will graduate college with a 4.0 GPA. I earned my GED when I should have been graduating high school and have always regretted it. Finally, I will have my college degree and will graduate with honors. I am proud and can’t wait to walk!

Confessional #12948338

Achievement unlocked! My 8yr old daughter wants to take leftovers from tonight's dinner for her school lunch tomorrow. Single dad for 3 years and, on this front, I really needed to get a win!

Confessional #12691941

I don’t know why it took me so long to teach my oldest 2 kids to start helping more. Tonight my DC 6 & 4 yo unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it and handwashed the pots and pans while I supervised. Life is getting better!

Confessional #7759353

I just sneezed like six times in a row and DIDN'T pee myself! Progress

Confessional #3257963

I accidentally, but very lightly, scratched someones car while parking today. No witnesses. I could've walked away but I left a note even though I'm broke and knew I couldn't afford to fix it. Guy called and said no worries. Faith in humanity restored!

Confessional #8051354

DD15 just won six ribbons at the state fair for art and photography!

Confessional #16809406

I went to the gym for the first time ever yesterday. I was so scared. I did it though. I may have sat in my car shaking and crying after 20 minutes, but I... DID... IT... And I'm going to go for 21 minutes next time.

Confessional #15816252

I wish I could brag about how I am a great sahm without igniting a mommy war. It's the first thing I have felt really good at. I'm not athletic, smart, or pretty, don't have a kickass job or a great car or travel much. But sahm? I'm awesome at it.

Confessional #11156826

My husband and teenage son left early this morning for a competition. I slept til 10, then took a shower with the bathroom door wide open, and now I'm sitting in bed NAKED, drinking coffee, watching Netflix & reading confessions. this. is. awesome. :)

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