‘I Want A Month Off From Parenting’

15 parents tell us what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn

Another week, another Scary Mommy Confessional roundup full of anonymous thoughts about relationships, work/life balance, and how absolutely exhausting parenting can be. If you can relate to feeling done with your marriage, wishing you could work fewer hours, missing the spontaneity of pre-kids life, or wanting to “just go to bed and not get up until next week”... we have some confessions for you.

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I want a month off from parenting

Confessional #68199203

I’m tired of taking care of my family. Someone else write the damn grocery list and plan dinner.

Confessional #61728765

I have to make a hard decision: use IVF to try to have another baby or get a hysterectomy.

Confessional #67109188

I think I’m done with my marriage but I’m afraid of what happens next.

Confessional #61729120

I’m really happy. I feel like I’m the only one and therefore feel guilty for it.

Confessional #61728751

Sometimes I feel like I’m only staying married out of obligation.

Confessional #67192880

If I met my husband today I would not want to date him

Confessional #61725435

I want to work part time to be with our daughter more but my husband says we can’t afford it

Confessional #61725090

I miss having free time to myself and being spontaneous

Confessional #67128439

It’s so hard to be a working mom. I feel like I’m failing at everything.

Confessional #61298309

Sometimes I feel like I settled by marrying my high school bf

Confessional #61725013

I feel so isolated as an older mom.

Confessional #61728094

I want a divorce but I am a SAHM with no money. I am just so unhappy

Confessional #61019287

Back to school is just another reminder. I never fit in when I was in school.

Confessional #61720094

I’m so tired. I seriously want to just go to bed and not get up until next week.

Confessional #61729856