From The Confessional: 'My Sex Drive Is Bigger Than My Husband's'

19 parents share what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

When it comes to parenting, there aren’t too many things you can say with total certainty. But this week, one mom confessed, “I feel like I’m the ONLY mom who’s completely overwhelmed” — and we feel completely confident in our ability to say that nothing could be further from the truth. Between bad sleep, annoying in-laws, jobs you hate, problems in the bedroom, trying to plan for retirement, wondering if you’re doing it all (or anything) right, and so much more — it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. Read on for reassurance that you’re not the only one.

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Will I ever not be exhausted?! Does that ever end?

Confessional #88192097

So annoyed by family commenting on people’s bodies in front of my young daughters

Confessional #81296754

I get scared taking both kids out in public by myself

Confessional #81929094

I’m enjoying being back at work and having a break from my gorgeous 4.5mo

Confessional #81776720

I have ZERO sex drive

Confessional #89100293

Ready to lose my mind if the kids get sick one more time!

Confessional #81829383

I hate that my husband isn’t planning for our retirement as much as I am. It’s frustrating

Confessional #81728891

I feel like a bad mom 99% of the time and it’s so frustrating

Confessional #83339109

It’s very hard working with toxic coworkers. I’d rather stay at home.

Confessional #81728391

I’m so tired of being everything

Confessional #81211728

I fear I will be the reason my son is in therapy

Confessional #81897180

I hate the way my MIL says Coffee

Confessional #81929109

I keep saying I’ll start working soon, but really I have no intentions on being anything other than a SAHM

Confessional #88192039

If I could afford it I would walk out and quit my job TODAY

Confessional #81992837

I got my period and left work early

Confessional #81721238

Kid birthday parties are out of control. I resent other parents who go overboard.

Confessional #81798287

It’s easier at home with 3 kids when my husband is traveling.

Confessional #89102938

My sex drive is bigger than my husband’s and I find it unattractive

Confessional #81029838

I feel like I’m the ONLY mom who’s completely overwhelmed.

Confessional #81922812