From The Confessional: ‘I Think About Having Sex With My Ex’

21 parents share their honest thoughts on their relationships

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

There are the kinds of relationship updates you excitedly share on social media: from officially becoming “a couple” to loved-up honeymoon photos. And then there are the kinds you’re more likely to share with the anonymous Scary Mommy Confessional. For example... resenting the unequal workload in your partnership, or still thinking about sex with an ex. Read on for 21 parents’ relationship confessions.

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Often think about not being married to my partner anymore

Confessional #71829276

I really want a divorce!

Confessional #71829928

Only staying for the kids

Confessional #71882736

We schedule a weekly lunchtime hookup since we both work from home

Confessional #71829387

I’m pregnant and I hate being touched by my man

Confessional #71829921

I miss how my husband and I use to be before we had kids. Now we always so tired.

Confessional #71625435

I once caught my dad smiling at my mom’s picture on his phone. Cutest thing ever! ❤️ 

Confessional #71829927

Husband complains he doesn’t get enough attention but kids and work are sucking every oz

Confessional #71827265

Husband referred to breastfeeding as time I’m “relaxing” and I’m so pissed

Confessional #71826726

My partner cheated on me, I stayed so I could win and prove I was better than the third party

Confessional #77162728

I really don’t care that my kids prefer their dad over me to do bedtime. It’s more me time

Confessional #71882923

I didn’t understand irreconcilable differences before... but I sure do now!

Confessional #71625273

my husband does way more housework and is more organized than me.

Confessional #71625526

I always fall for the fixer uppers

Confessional #71772829

I’m so tired of resenting my partner. I wish something would change.

Confessional #71920273

I think about having sex with my ex and wish i could just one more time

Confessional #71629928

My MIL needs to unload her sh*t on a therapist, not my husband. Seriously stop!

Confessional #71829287

I’m so tired of repeating myself. To both the adults and the children in this house. Are they all goldfish?

Confessional #71650922

I HATE cleaning up after my boyfriend since I have to clean up after our child all day

Confessional #71826354

I am over my marriage. He doesn’t want to improve himself ... always complains.

Confessional #71629283

I have such an incredible husband, but I can’t talk about it because I feel guilty around friends who dont.

Confessional #71627283