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Try Not To Laugh When This 7-Year-Old Slams Her First Communion Wine

This viral TikTok video is more than a little relatable.

A seven-year-old girl takes her First Holy Communion by nibbling the cracker and then chugging the g...
TikTok/Stephanie Heidebrink

Your first Holy Communion is a special and sacred event for many Catholics — and one that you and your family will remember forever. It can also be a whole lot of fun if you chug an entire chalice filled with the Blood of Christ while you’re at it.

That was Bynley Heidebrink’s idea. The 7-year-old from South Dakota went viral on TikTok this week for downing her First Communion wine with fervor while a speechless priest looked on — and then returning to her seat with her hands folded like a perfect angel.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part. Perhaps it’s how she takes the daintiest bite of the wafer moments before shotgunning the wine. Perhaps it’s how the priest’s face goes from serious to amused to a little concerned. Or perhaps it’s the way Brynley sweetly folds her hands after the priest gently wrestles away the empty cup.

Her proud mom, Stephanie Heidebrink, recorded the chuckle-worthy event as it happened, giggling along with much of the congregation in real time.

“I just kept thinking, ‘Please stop drinking,'” Stephanie told a local news station in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Stephanie explained that her daughter had been nervous about the ceremony, specifically the moment she had to drink the Blood of Christ.

“I literally told her, just tip it back, let it touch your lips, you don’t even have to swallow,” she told CNN.

After the deed, Brynlyn told her mom she didn’t like the taste — and that she wasn’t sure why she gulped it down. Then the whole family celebrated with a spaghetti dinner, and it was pretty clear that she had pre-partied before the meatballs.

“She was a little talkative and her cheeks were just flushed the entire night,” her mom told CNN.

Stephanie thought her friends and family would enjoy the video — and now it’s gotten over 16 million views and counting.

Viewers are getting as much joy from the video as you might a nicely aged red.

“Just doing it like momma does,” another quipped.


“Cath-aholic,” said another.


“The way she walked back is SENDING ME,” one wrote.


Brynlyn doesn’t know that she’s gone viral. That can wait.

“[She’s] always been my little diva, so this is just fitting that she is going viral for something like this,” her mom told the local news.