A 'Golden Girls' Children's Book Is Coming And You Can Preorder It Right Now

by Christina Marfice
The cover of a "Golden Girls" Children's Book

‘Goodnight Girls,’ a children’s book featuring the Golden Girls at a sleepover, is available to preorder on Amazon right now

Since the death of Betty White just before the new year, we’ve been in mourning — and devouring all the Golden Girls-related content we can get, just to remember all the nostalgia and good times. There’s just one problem: While those of us of a certain age (calling all elder millennials and Gen X) have a deep and meaningful relationship with Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia, many of our kids haven’t developed that yet. Until now, thanks to a new children’s book that’s sharing our love for the Golden Girls with a whole new generation.

“Goodnight Girls” is a bedtime story suitable for even the littlest of littles, and while it won’t be released until June, it’s already available to preorder online.


Just look at that cover page! From the crocheted bedspread to the tropical wallpaper, the signature title font and of course, Dorothy’s signature furrowed brow, we’re already transported back to wherever we were when we watched Golden Girls for the first time (my parents’ basement, sitting on some vintage-chic orange shag carpet, for me!).

“Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are having a sleepover!” the book’s description reads. “And, of course, they are having too much fun to go to sleep.”

The book’s Amazon page promises that “Goodnight Girls” will include Stan, Miles, and of course cheesecake, as well as “Easter eggs and nods to iconic show gags” like Shady Pines. Even if your kids are just here for a sweet bedtime story, this book promises to be just as enjoyable for the parents tasked with reading it every night.

“Goodnight Girls” is suitable for ages up to preschool (or older, because who’s ever too old for a bedtime story?) and available to preorder for $8.99. Preordered copies will ship June 28.