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10 Cool, Quirky Baby Names Inspired by Heartstopper

Season 2 of the Netflix series — and, on Dec. 19, Volume 5 of the book — is out, and these baby names are in.

Ariela Basson/Scary Mommy; Getty Images, Netflix, Amazon/CRRGraphics

Heartstopper… more like heartwarmer. This LGBTQ+ romantic drama on Netflix has a loyal fan base after its first season, and Season 2 is officially available to stream now. Based on Alice Oseman’s British book series of the same name, it follows the friendship-turned-romance of teens Charlie and Nick, and there’s plenty of baby name inspiration to be found within — and beyond — the halls of Truham Grammar School.

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From the get-go, Nicholas Nelson proves himself to be a protagonist in this story. While his first name doesn’t provide much inspiration (sorry, Nicks), Nelson is not one you hear every day, and it turns out the English name means “champion.”

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