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This Dad Showing Up For His Postpartum Wife Wins The Internet Today

Men, take notes!

One husband on TikTok is putting the entire male gender to shame with just one viral video.
@DatDiazCouple / TikTok

Those first couple days of postpartum life are a blur. The new baby is feeding on demand, you have no idea what time or day it is, and you’re so engrossed in newborn life that finding the time to make food or shower seems impossible. That’s why having a supportive partner can be a game-changer when newborn life feels all-consuming.

One husband on TikTok is putting the entire male gender to shame with just one viral video. In the viral clip, Edgar Diaz shares a morning in the life of his family, including his postpartum wife, Iris Diaz.

“Day 3 of her postpartum recovery. We have the baby's 1st doctor's visit today. Taking care of everything so she can focus on herself and the baby,” he wrote in the caption.

First, Edgar brings the newborn to his wife as she lays in bed, seemingly to get in a feeding. As Iris feeds the baby, he lovingly tucks them in. In the next scene, Iris comes out of the shower to Edgar, ready with a towel and clothes for her to change into. He also helps her change into the clothes slowly as she is still very much working with a sore, postpartum body.

While she gets ready for the doctor's appointment, he makes the bed and packs the diaper bag. Yes, he knows what supposed to do in the diaper bag. Hell, he knows where the diaper bag is which is a big step up from most men who constantly whip out their weaponized incompetence during postpartum life.

He goes on in the video to pick out the baby’s clothes and his wife’s clothes before making his wife some Mother’s Milk tea (to help with lactation!) and delivering the hot beverage to her upstairs as she continues getting ready.

The contender for Husband Of The Year runs back downstairs to throw together a breakfast sandwich for Iris and then helps her get her coat on before showering her in kisses and heading out the door.

Unsurprisingly, their married couple’s TikTok comment section was filled with praise for how attentive and proactive Edgar was when helping his family get out of the house (usually a task with tons of mental labor left up to a mom).

Some users credited Edgar’s mother who how supportive of a partner he is for his wife, writing, “HE DEFINITELY WAS RAISED BY A QUEEN 👸”

Others just wanted to compliment Edgar on setting a wonderful example for what it means to be a good husband and said, “The impact this will have on her postpartum will be unmatched. They really don’t know how important this is 🥺🥺”

“Love to see it 🥹 we never forget how we’re treated postpartum 💕,” another wrote.

Another said, “This is SO important during post partum. Something she will always keep in her heart the way you treated her during those difficult times!✨❤️”