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'I Think About Divorce To Get A Break'

In the latest Confessions roundup, 15 parents vent about workplace problems, picky eaters, screen time, and more.

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

Relationships, home responsibilities, and the difficulties of parenting toddlers or teens often get the most attention in submissions to the Scary Mommy Confessional. But this week, readers were also inspired to talk about the office. Whether they’re spending time with hopeless trainees, afraid to announce their resignation to their boss, or actively worried about an HR complaint having bad repercussions for their career, they’re sharing the stress with all of us. Read on for the full Confessions roundup, which also has complaints about finances, picky eaters, and incredibly unhelpful spouses.

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I feel like everything is too expensive & it’s going to mean my kids have a boring summer

Confessional #81729918

Training a new hire and I can tell she won’t make it

Confessional #89909831

I asked my boss if she wanted me to quit today. I need a new job so bad

Confessional #89102938

I hate cooking more than anything in the world.

Confessional #81993875

Bedtime is such a nightmare and I feel like it’s never going to get better.

Confessional #81727387

My 2 year old ate only chicken nuggets all of yesterday

Confessional #81920938

I’m afraid to tell my boss I’m resigning knowing she’ll try to talk me out of it

Confessional #81902098

I’ve been at my job 5 months and I f*cking hate it

Confessional #81029918

I wonder if I made the right decision sending my youngest to kindergarten next year

Confessional #81922019

How come the laundry, cooking and dishes never end?

Confessional #81901928

My schedule is so overloaded for the next few weeks. I miss my baby and can’t wait for summer break

Confessional #81920029

I’m tired of having to mom my husband’s physical & mental health. Take care of me too!

Confessional #81920911

I’ve relied on screen time more than I said I would

Confessional #88192993

I think about divorce to get a break, not because I don’t love my husband. He doesn’t help!

Confessional #81728190

I submitted a HR claim on my boss and am scared of retaliation

Confessional #81929938