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A Woman Shuts Down Adults Who Hate Kids As Part Of Their Personality

"You're the one having the tantrum."

A woman explains why she thinks it's so ridiculous for grown adults to hate on kids.

It’s fine if you find children annoying sometimes — believe me, even parents get super fed-up with kids now and then. But there are some adults who just go out of their way to make hating kids part of their personality, and that sucks a lot. You know the type: They make loud comments about kids just existing in public spaces, complain about perfectly reasonable kid behavior, and go out of their way to discourage kids at events.

Well. This week on TikTok, comedian Keara Sullivan got fed up enough over people who just generally hate all kids that she roasted them in the most satisfying way. And, honestly, it means a ton coming from someone who doesn’t have kids herself.

“I feel like some people are going to disagree with me on this take, but I find it so weird when someone makes hating kids such a huge part of their personality,” she begins her video. “It’s just a very weird group of people to have beef with. It’s perturbing.”

She then clarifies that, yes, it’s totally normal to hate specific kids, sometimes, in some situations.

“I’m not talking about people who just don’t want to have kids, or don’t want to babysit their babysit their badly-behaved nephews, or don’t like it when there’s a baby crying on a plane. That’s all totally normal, she continues. “I’m talking about people who say stuff like, ‘I hate all children, even the sight of me fills me with contempt. Those annoying little shits. They shouldn’t be in public spaces until the age of 12.’”

We all know a few of these people. Yuck.

“You are literally are beefing with just the idea of a seven year old,” Sullivan quips. “That’s weird. Children are out there existing and you’re mad? And there’s no reason for you to be.”

She then brings up a specific scenario.

“Like okay, the boss brought his 9-year-old kid to the office Christmas party and he’s talking about dinosaurs,” she says. “If you don’t want to hear about dinosaurs, you can just walk away. Kids are small, you can outrun them. You can just exist that conversation. Some of us would like to hear more from little Charlie. Some of us would actually like to talk about dinosaurs. It seems like he really knows his stuff.”

Her point is such a good one: Charlie is a human being, with thoughts and feelings, who can actually add to the conversation if you just give him a chance and stop judging him on his age.

“He’s bringing a new fun topic to the function and he seems quite knowledgeable,” she says. “You’re the one having a tantrum. Charlie — he’s unbothered. He’s talking about the triceratops.”

Down in the comments, most people were in full agreement.

“Especially when they’re mad at kids being in places like a park or a library,” one person added. “Like where do you want them to go?”

“Also complaints like ‘kids say the rudest/most invasive things’ because they’re literally learning these social norms right now,” said one person, bringing up another way that people area mean to kids just because they are learning and existing on earth.

“People forget they were once children too,” another added. Great point!

Some people even put forth that they actually like kids a lot.

“I'd rather be asked what my fifth favorite Mario kart character is than be asked about what I want to do for a career path,” oner person wrote, and, same.

“Dude, if a child approached me and started talking about dinosaurs I’d be like “hell yeah I’ve been chosen,” another shared.

The bottom line? Saying crappy things about all children is kind of like saying crappy things about any group of people: it’s unfair and makes you look terrible.

And if you like what Keara had to say — and how she says it — know that she has tons of comedic content on her page and is totally worth a follow. We’ll talk dinosaurs with her any day.