The 10 Best Kids Basketball Hoops For Little Athletes Of All Skill Levels

by Jessica Booth
A boy playing with a basketball like an athlete
Ana Silva / EyeEm / Scary Mommy

Kids basketball hoops fulfill a childhood rite of passage. Especially if your child loves watching basketball games on TV, it’s probably time to take the plunge and get them their very own basketball hoop to have at home. That way, they can play whenever they want in their own backyard, driveway, or maybe even in the house, and that gives them ample time to learn, practice, and burn off excess energy. (And for kids who treat your living room as their own personal ninja course, this can only be a good thing for everyone!). The younger the better—starting sports at an early age can have both physical and emotional benefits, from helping to build your child’s confidence to teaching them the value of teamwork.

When looking for the best kids basketball hoop, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. If you have the space in your house to put a hoop inside, consider getting something that can be used booth indoors or outdoors so that they can play rain or shine. If you have a very little one who already seems interested, get a hoop that’s designed with toddlers in mind. A portable basketball hoop is very convenient to have for trips to the park or Grandma’s house. Or consider investing an a height-adjustable hoop that’ll grow with your child’s height and skillset. Below are some of the best kids basketball hoops for athletes of all levels.

Best Kids Indoor Basketball Hoops

Best Kids Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Best Little Kids Basketball Hoops

Best Kids Portable Basketball Hoop