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A Mortician Weighs In On The Potential Risks Of Pool Inflatable Sleepovers

"It's a death trap."

Lauren The Mortician warned of the fatal dangers of pool inflatables after a slumber party of teenag...
@lovee.miss.lauren / TikTok

One popular TikTok content creator and mortician is constantly being called on by the community when it comes to debunking potentially deadly “hacks” and calling out dangerous parenting. From swimming pool hazards to questionable crib accessories, Lauren Eliza (@lovee.miss.lauren) uses her large platform to help the greater good and keep kids safe. Because, as she’ll tell you, she’s seen some things.

In a recent video, Lauren was called upon (like Beetlejuice, as she jokes) when a video of teenagers in pool inflatables decided to have a slumber party on water — to float the smaller pools in the bigger pool to create a pool inflatable sleepover.

“Apparently, this is a trending thing to do for parents and for teenagers, and I can understand if this is like a little hangout thing maybe and if there's parental supervision but they're sleeping in these like overnight,” she says.

She then launches into how dangerous these pools can be to sleep in.

“Could you imagine one of those losing air in the middle of the night ... it's a death trap. It's a death trap. This is why I have trust issues for sleepovers,” she continued.

Lauren also featured several comments from the original video creator who defended the decision to let the teens sleep in the inflatables overnight, noting that “the walls of the inflatable pool are two feet high. No one is falling out with walls that high.”

Lauren counters that argument.

“Nobody's falling out with walls that high, but they're definitely not getting out if it starts to leak and then entrap them in all that plastic in the pool while they're sleeping,” she said.

Then, with complete and total seriousness, the parent in charge of this inflatable sleepover joked about his son’s desire to head to the pool with a kitchen knife.

“He begged me to let him cut a hole in one of them during the night, but I declined,” she read.

Lauren explained that a lot of the TikTokers defending the pool slumber party were convinced that if the worst case did happen, and a kid fell out or hit the water, the sensation of being wet would wake them up.

“Actually, I think what would happen is that it would start to deflate all the way around. and I don't think you would wake up from the water. I think you would wake up from this entrapping you, like cocooning you in the water,” she said.

“That's where my anxiety can't do sh*t like this. Imagine you're a teenager, and this thing pops a leak in the middle of the night. You don't notice, but you wake up to it cocooning you in the face and stopping your breathing. What are you going to do? You're gonna f**king panic. That's what you're gonna do.”

Several of Lauren’s followers begged her to do a Mythbusters-type test to see if she’s actually right about how dangerous sleeping in an inflatable in the pool could actually be.

We’re patiently waiting for an update on putting her theory to the test, but I’m not betting against an experienced, concerned mortician like Lauren. Plus, why take unneeded risks like suspending unconscious kids over several feet of water? It just doesn’t make sense.