18 Maternity Yoga Pants To Downward Dog Your Way Through Pregnancy

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Here’s the scoop on maternity yoga pants: If your regular yoga pants continue to be comfortable and offer the support you need as your belly grows, fantastic and namaste. If they are starting to feel too tight, it’s probably time to throw a pair or two of maternity yoga pants into the mix. (Or maternity leggings if yoga isn’t your jam.)

Maternity yoga pants are great for lots of reasons. First of all, they have an expandable belly band that leaves ample room for growth, which also makes for a great postpartum yoga pant option. The good ones support your belly without feeling constricting — it’s hard to reach peak level of zen while wearing pants that are too tight. (Not that it’s easy with a baby kicking your internal organs either, but at least you’ll be wearing something comfy.) Ideally, maternity yoga pants should be made from breathable fabric so you can comfortably get your sweat on.

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Let’s not forget about style. Just because something is “maternity” doesn’t mean you should settle on something you don’t find cute. Cute maternity clothing exist! In fact, we rounded up some of our top picks for the cutest maternity yoga pants — from classic black to neutrals to fun prints and bright colors.

Whether you want to wear maternity yoga pants to do actual yoga, another form of exercise, or to just be comfortable while doing anything other than exercising, we got you. Your happy baby pose will take on new meaning in a pair of yoga pants that fit that adorable bump.

Best Maternity Yoga Pants

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