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A Mom Shares Her Toddler's Untraditional 12 A.M. Bedtime Routine

It’s got a couple of unexpected advantages.

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A New York City mom is going viral for sharing that she decided to have her daughter's bedtime routi...
Victoria Yavnyi / TikTok

Let’s start off by prefacing that if a family is happy and healthy then we should all just let them do their thing in peace, no matter how mind-boggling their day-to-day might be. That being said, one mom on TikTok truly has the internet in a confused state after admitting that her toddler’s bedtime routine begins at midnight.

Yup, she’s eating snacks and watching shows when most kids have been asleep for hours, but is there really anything “wrong” with that?

Victoria Yavnyi went viral on TikTok for sharing her toddler’s bedtime routine which is pretty much like every other kid’s bedtime routine except for the fact that it’s happening around midnight.

Around 8:30 p.m., Yavnyi and her daughter head out in their Williamsburg neighborhood for a nice late night walk. At 9 p.m., the mother-daughter duo head to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping. An hour later, the two arrive back home, but Yavnyi isn’t putting her toddler daughter to bed just yet.

Her daughter gets into PJs and has some iPad time around 10:30 p.m. while Yavnyi picks up around their home. Dinner in their house happens around 11:00 PM then reading books, coloring, and playing rounds up the hour until bedtime at midnight.

Some applauded Yavnyi for her unconventional bedtime routine.

“I love how unique your schedule is! We don’t see enough of it on the internet. I think the typical 9-5 is so often shown, so this is so interesting!” one user wrote while others questioned the timing of their day.

“I just hope she’s getting enough good sleep cause I heard the earlier hours are the best. Also gonna be hard to transition once she goes to school,” one user noted.

Another wondered, “Does her bedtime ever make it difficult to find a sitter or have someone watch her? Just curious not judging”

The OP replied, “We don’t ever really have a sitter. Maybe once a month her aunt will watch her for a couple hours during the day”

Several commenters were just genuinely curious as to why she decided to have her child be on a later schedule. In another video, Yavnyi explained her reasoning behind her decision to let her daughter stay up late.

She doesn’t like to abide by circadian rhythms, claiming they are “man-made.”

“Time was only created by humans. This is how we built a society that everyone wakes up, goes to work, and goes home and goes to sleep. Just isn't the case for everyone. My children don't need to fit in society's norms to be successful,” she explained.

As for everyone’s questions surrounding school and her ability to wake up to go to school, Yavnyi explained that she won’t need to worry about that because she is planning to homeschool.

For those confused as to when this mom gets a moment to herself if she’s up all night with her kid, she has a pretty simple answer.

“I mean, this question is pretty funny, only because if your toddler went to bed at 7 p.m., I wouldn't be asking you, how do you have time for yourself? You just go to sleep a little later. And this is the same case here. My toddler goes to bed at 12, I typically go to bed at three or four.”

As for how she landed on this kind of schedule for herself and her daughter, Vaynyi explained that it was all left up to her toddler.

“She decided this on her own when she was in newborn. Her longest hours of sleep was from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m., and it just stuck. She also sleeps 13 hours straight,” she explained after noting that no matter what anyone thinks, she is the mom and she gets to choose the hours that work best for her family.

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