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A Mom Quizzed Her Gen Z Daughter On 90's Trivia & Her Answers Will Make You Feel Old

"What do you mean you 'burned' a CD?"

A TikTok mom sat down with her Gen Z daughter to see if she knew some '90s/'00s items, phrases, or p...
Brittany Xavier / TikTok

Get ready to feel old! A millennial mom posted a TikTok video, quizzing her Gen Z daughter on all things ‘90s and early ‘00s.

Brittany Xavier, TikTok mom and fashion vlogger, sat down with her teenage daughter to ask her if she knew some items, phrases, or pop culture references from back when she herself was a teen.

Her answers were genuine. She had some great guesses using deductive reasoning. However, this Gen Z teen quite literally knew nothing about the ‘90s, and we’re cracking up.

First, she asks her daughter if she knows what a Walkman is. Of course, we all know that a Sony Walkman was our gateway to discovering Boyz-2-Men, but this girl has zero clue. After pondering, she takes a guess.

“Uh, what's it called? A talkie walkie talkie?”

After her mom shuts down her answer, they continue on. She admits she has no clue what “AOL” is (American Online, c’mon!), and she also has never heard of AIM, better known as AOL Instant Messenger, or my entire teenage experience in three letters.

Her daughter responds with the most Gen Z answer of all time: “Bro, what are all those abbreviations?”

The quiz continues.

“What would someone use *69 for, like if they called the land line?” her mom asks.

“Oh!” the Gen Z says excitedly. “You can merge two people to the call.”

“No,” she responds. “What is Limewire? You never heard of it?”

“I haven't heard of half of these, to be honest.”

“Limewire is where I would download bootleg music. You weren't supposed to but...,” her mom says before her daughter interrupts.

“What's bootleg music? Like country?”

As the quiz continues on, her Gen Z daughter admits she has no clue was Pogs are. If you recall, Pogs were those small, coin-shaped collectables. You’d use them play a game with a “slammer” which was a thicker Pog, and try hitting them with the slammers to turn them over.

She also has no idea what a burned CD is, which was a tough one to swallow.

“If I was to say, ‘I burned you a CD,’” her mom says.

“What? ‘I burned you a CD’?” her daughter replies. “Like, I screwed you over? What do you mean burned?”

Her mom bursts out laughing before asking about answering machines (she has no clue) as well as which popular ‘90s girl group wore platform shoes.

“Destiny’s Child?” she says.

That’s actually a good guess!

After the video racked up over 2 million views, TikTok users commented on the mother-daughter moment, noting how old they felt and how much technology and pop culture had changed in just a few decades.

“I still use aol for my email,” one user wrote.

“2001 gen z and I knew all these things so don’t feel old y’all 😭,” another assured.

“As I am 30 now… I feel so offended, these kids can’t appreciate our struggle from the 90’s 😂,” one user said.

So very true! The struggle was so real.