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This Mom Predicts That Millennials Will Be The Best Generation Of Grandmas Yet

We'll be the village we never had as moms!

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One mom believes that since millennials are such good moms, that when they become grandmas, they wil...
Madison Marbosa / TikTok

There are some arguments that millennial parents are some of the best there ever was. Thanks to advances in science and research studies, plus techniques like conscious parenting, kids these days are well cared for, emotionally fulfilled and set up to be better, more stable adults (at least that’s the hope, right?).

One mom believes that since millennials are such good moms, that when they become grandmas, they will be the best era of grandparenthood yet.

“I think the best era of grandmas is yet to come. I feel like millennial grandmas are gonna be f**king elite,” Madison Marbosa starts in her viral video before explaining her reasoning.

“We know what not to do based on the majority of boomers, and that's not to say I don't love my grandmas. I do. My grandmas are great, but the “judginess” and the unnecessary unwarranted comments like we know not to do that.”

Marbosa, seemingly a cusper between millennial and Generation Z given that her grandparents are more on the boomer side of grandparents, notes that she’s seen progress in her own mom, her child’s grandparent, that is lightyears ahead from her own grandma. She suggests that with the progress between her grandma and her own mom, the quality of grandparents can only go up.

“I just feel like we're gonna be better. We're gonna like anticipate what our kids need,” she said.

“We're gonna be pushing them to get a break. We're gonna be pushing them to get out of the house. Go for a date night, and say hey, we got the kids tonight. We got the kids. I just have the strong premonition that millennial grandmas are gonna be the best to come...”

Marbosa’s video caught the eye of many who agreed with her prediction, offering up other reasons as to why this may come true.

“Because we have been parenting the whole time ❤️,” one user wrote.

Another said, “💯 I WILL NOT allow my daughter to be alone like I am in many ways. I will be her biggest supporter, whether she has kids or not.”

Another affirmed, “I literally think about this all the time. I have two little girls and I cannot wait to be the best grandparent and be there for them in that way 😭”

One user pointed out that there are some exceptions to the rule, noting, “Yes! I will say my mom is a rare one & she follows our boundaries, never judges our parenting, knows what to do & if she doesn’t asks to make sure she is doing things how we want, is always open to helping when we ask but does not over step. She is the best ❤️”

The OP replied, “My mom loves far from me but my mother in law is a true gem too!! And my mom does her best from afar and then when she is with me, she does her best 🥹”

Another user pointed out that millennials will also be the best generation of mother-in-laws. So true! We’ve experienced the exasperated, manipulative hell that mother-in-laws can be and will do everything in our power to break that chain of toxicity because as one TikTok user said, “we know what’s what.”

One TikTok user said, “I just said this to my husband last night! my parents can be out with us and will literally watch me struggle and not help unless I ask for help 🙄”

“My kids won’t change 1 diaper while we’re at family gatherings. They’ll enjoy HOT food bc I’ll take the grandkids so my kids can eat. So many things❤️,” the OP replied.

Marbosa and several of her followers all made exception points about why millennial moms will be great grandmas, and I cannot wait to see this all come to fruition!

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