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Woman Goes Viral For Her Spot-On Parody Of Unhinged Facebook Mom Groups

It’s truly the Wild West.

A mom on TikTok has gone viral for her hilarious parody videos showing how unhinged Facebook mom gro...
TikTok / @kanececi

Many parents have turned to online communities to connect with others, and “mom groups” on Facebook are one of the most popular destinations for new moms, veteran moms, and moms-to-be to chat, ask for advice, share ideas, and...get into insane arguments.

Ceci Kane, a mother of two, is one such parent who has found solace (and so much humor) in Facebook mom groups. She couldn’t resist poking fun, creating hilarious parody videos that have since gone viral.

She told TODAY.com that when she was pregnant with her first child, she made the “rookie mistake” of joining one of her local groups, expecting good vibes and hoping for some advice from other moms.

“I joined a Facebook group for moms and asked a question about epidurals,” Kane tells TODAY.com. “I was trying to figure out my birth plan and was just hoping to get more information.”

To the surprise of no mom who has ever spent more than a minute in a Facebook mom group, Kane met with tons of different perspectives and a lot of criticism. Naturally, it was only moments before the onslaught of commentary began.

“People were like, ‘You could be left paralyzed,’ ‘You could have nerve damage,’ ‘There are 100 things that could go wrong,’” Kane recalled. “Everybody was jumping down my throat for even having mentioned medication. It was all this fear mongering.”

She took the encounter as fuel for her TikTok content and has now amassed almost 100k followers and over 5.8 million likes on her page, which hosts several spot-on impersonations of how berserk Facebook mom groups can get.

In one video, Kane plays several roles (which she distinguishes by balancing different objects on her head), including a mom who posts on her local Facebook mom group to introduce her new baby.

“I gave birth to my new son via C-section two days ago,” Kane says, holding a doll. “Just wanted to let everybody know that we’re happy and healthy.”

She then acts out the unhinged replies: “Well, technically that’s not giving birth. But he’s very cute,” says one character.

Another “mom” says, “LOL — right? When she said she gave birth and had a C-section in the same sentence?”

“I’m sorry, are we in high school now? Are we going to talk about her like she’s not here?” adds another.

She continues on with several more “comments” from fictional moms, some of whom come to the OP’s defense while others give their unsolicited opinions on c-sections. “It’s not childbirth unless you’re delivering vaginally,” she says.

“What a shame that hospitals continue to push C-sections on women,” another notes.

“Yes, how dare they use lifesaving surgery.”

“That’s just what doctors tell you so that they can charge you for an expensive surgery.”

Kane has also made parody videos for moms chatting about breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, screen time, and childcare. She recently posted one with a mom who posted a screenshot from her baby monitor looking for a new one, setting off tirades by mothers shaming her for “safe sleep” negligence.

“Crib bumpers, even mesh, are not appropriate for safe sleep,” Kane says while balancing a bag of cornmeal on her head.

She then switches the item she’s balance on her head, representing a new keyboard warrior mom: “You clearly don’t care about safe sleep.”

She captioned the video, “We’re all just out here surviving ok.”

She says the comments aren’t taken word-for-word from anything she’s actually seen on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t seen some wild posts since she became a mom.

“Mom groups can be wonderful, supportive places, you just have to find the right one," she told TODAY.com. “Just never post your kid eating, sitting in a car seat or anything that has to do with sleep. If you do that, all hell is going to break loose.”