Mom Asks For Advice After Another Mom Uninvited Her Daughter To A Birthday Party

She claims her daughter accidentally gave out “too many” invites.

A mom is left dumbfounded after receiving a shocking text from a fellow school parent uninviting her...
@harperandmainllc / TikTok

A mom is left dumbfounded after receiving a shocking text from a fellow school parent. TikTok user @harperandmainllc posted a now-viral TikTok, asking her followers for their opinion on the situation.

In the video, she shares a screenshot of a text message exchange between herself and another mom from her daughter’s class.

The first text reads: “Hey there, Quin accidentally gave out too many birthday invitations and gave one to Scarlett when she shouldn’t have. Sorry for the confusion.”

Floored and offended, the OP replied to the mom’s text with some aggression, calling her out for her “sh*tty” behavior of uninviting her 9-year-old daughter to the birthday party.

“Hi, she gave it to her last week. Honestly, that’s a pretty sh*tty thing to do to uninvite a 9 year old to a birthday party. But no worries she will not be attending,” she replied back.

She then provides some more context into the situation making the whole thing even more messed up.

“Little backstory but my daughter Scarlett is going to be 10 on May 30th, and we were going to have her party that Saturday as well. We decided not to. Well, she didn’t want to because she wanted to go this little girl’s party instead,” she said.

“Now keep in mind the whole class got invited. So I got a text later, a couple hours ago from the mom, saying that basically Scarlett wasn’t supposed to be invited and she can’t come — sorry. So, let me just show you the message and I just want to know what your guys’ thoughts are in the comments and how you feel about how I handled the situation.”

In a follow-up comment, the OP shares that the mom never replied back to her response.

The user also elaborated in the caption and said, “First let me say that if my daughter did something wrong to be uninvited I would rather she would have told me that. If it was about money, that’s fine. I understand that and could pay for my child.

“I think the issue for me is that Q told my daughter that her mom said that Scarlett couldn’t come and had to bring the invitation back. Then she sends me that text. She could have said the real reason. I understand all kids don’t get invited and that’s fine! I think the way it was done was rude.

“Would also like to mention, IDK the mom. She has my number from when Scarlett was having a ‘Friendsmas’ and she texted me asking if Q needed to bring anything. That is the only time I have ever spoke to her. As of last night I still have not gotten a response. Scarlett and Q are still friends...”

Most of the responses support the OP, saying that the other parent was way out of line.

“I WOULD NEVER un-invite a child to a party. I’ll order more food and party favors before I would ever think to do so,” one user wrote.

Another shared, “I was ‘accidentally’ invited and then uninvited to a party in 4th grade and I still think about it and want to cry.”

“Great response. is your little one doing ok?” someone asked.

The OP replied, “Yes she’s ok! We are just going to do a small party for her and take the kids to the sugar factory. :) her pick!”