These Moms Had The Best Idea To Tackle All Their Christmas Present Wrapping

BRB, doing this next year!

A mom recommends that every mom and her friends should rent a hotel room for the weekend and have a ...
@lifelatelywithlex / TikTok

If you’re anything like me, Christmas present wrapping is one of those tasks that I just dread. I feel like I can never find the time to get everything wrapped with little ones constantly home sick or getting out of bed at all hours of the night. I can’t risk a kid sneaking up on me while I’m wrapping that one gift they asked Santa for.

A group of moms came up with the absolutely brilliant idea to not only get all that Christmas present wrapping done but have a relaxing kid and husband-free moms’ weekend away.

In the video posted by Lex (@lifelatelywithlex) which has now gone viral, Lex recommends that every mom and her friends should rent a hotel room for a present-wrapping extravaganza.

“Here is your sign to: Book a hotel room with one of your best friends to wrap Christmas presents,” she wrote in text overlay.

“We are snacks and drank wine, went a holiday party, spent the night talking, wrapping, and watching Christmas movies,” she continued. “All of this without our kids.”

They ended their weekend with a mimosa-filled brunch.

Okay, this is the best idea in the history of the world. You’re telling me that, as a mom, I can knock holiday tasks off my to-do list and have a wine night with my girls with no kids in sight? SIGN ME UP!

Last year, another mom went viral for the hotel room wrapping hack, noting that these silent nights of gift wrapping in peace was actually super beneficial to her mental health.

“Second annual wrapping weekend! Booked a hotel for two nights, wrapped all the gifts, order takeout, watch tons of tv, and no one asked me for anything,” she wrote in the TikTok’s caption.

Since we cannot have anything nice when it comes to virality and the internet, some TikTok users took issue with this parenting hack. Yes, this is a privileged event to take part of, but who are these moms hurting? I think this is serious goals!

“And lug all the presents there and back?” one user commented.

Lex replied, “It was surprisingly not that bad! I put mine into a tote and she put hers into a suitcase. We just used one of the luggage carts to transport.”

Another said, “We in different tax brackets Ma'am 😢😂😢”

If you’re splitting a standard hotel room between three of four moms, this truly wouldn’t break the bank. Also, a great alternative to getting a hotel room would be to send your partner and kids out for the night or to a grandparent’s home and have all your friend over at your place for a Hallmark Christmas movie marathon.

Another joked, “My Bestie and I would wrap 0 presents 😂”

This is so true considering how often we actually see our mom friends after 10 cancelled attempts to get together due to sick kids or pure exhaustion. A night at a hotel, chatting and sharing some wine with besties sounds like the perfect holiday treat.