'My Husband And I Got Divorced And Told No One'

In the latest Confessions roundup, 15 parents vent about absent grandparents, spouses who fall asleep too easily, messy houses, and more.

by Emma Coburn

Plenty of parents pressure their own grown-up kids to have children. But sometimes, those same people who can’t stop asking for grandkids are nowhere to be found when said grandkids actually appear. At least, that’s one reader’s experience, shared with us in the Scary Mommy Confessional this week. (And it’s not the only submission about disappointing grandparents.) Plus, readers share about secret divorces, secret marriages, and more.

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I don’t think my husband can handle our baby & toddler by himself when I go back to work

Confessional #61728181

MIL barely seen our kids since birth. Don’t know why she loves them less than their cousins.

Confessional #61829112

I wonder every day if my ex bf still thinks about me as much as I do him.

Confessional #61759192

I’m annoyed that my husband falls asleep so easily.

Confessional #61728391

I want to spend the day in bed. Doing nothing. With nobody.

Confessional #61728193

My house is so disgusting

Confessional #61920391

Grandparents who *BEGGED* for grandkids could care less about spending time with them.

Confessional #65190192

I can’t get over the anger at my ex husband even though I know I’m better without him

Confessional #65182918

I’m pregnant with my 4th. I already have 3 girls but I secretly want another girl.

Confessional #61728112

Had an absolute anxiety meltdown today stuck in traffic with a screaming hungry 3 month old.

Confessional #61728399

Together 10 years 2 kids. Just got a marriage license and we’re not telling anyone

Confessional #61728391

My husband needs help but refuses to get it!

Confessional #61029839

I resent my husband for taking a pay cut that forced me back to work.

Confessional #61728381

Going on a moms trip away and I’m 99% sure one of the moms wants to cheat on her husband

Confessional #69102937

My husband and I got divorced and told no one ....

Confessional #61728831