The New Year's Colors Are Here! Pros Say These Hues Will Be Everywhere In 2022

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Woman and daughter posing with 2022 balloons — new year's colors

New year, new you, right? We’re inching ever closer to 2022 — and all those wild and wonderful New Year’s countdowns to say “so long!” to 2021. (Or, as we like to call it, 2020v2.) As we do, we can’t help thinking about New Year’s parties! Last year, we were strictly banned from getting together with our favorite party people due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year, though, we’ve been given the go-ahead as long as we’re vaxxed and we leave a window open. So, as you prepare for the new year and New Year’s parties, you’re probably wondering about the best new year’s colors to wear and incorporate into your home as you say your final goodbye to 2021 and start with a fresh 365.

So, what is the color of the year for 2022? That question comes with more answers than you’d expect. Every year, the Chinese designate colors that are “lucky” based on all elements involved in Chinese culture, tradition, and even common Chinese superstitions. Meanwhile, every major paint company from Benjamin Moore to Sherwin-Williams picks a “color of the year” from their giant catalog of colors, deeming it the trendy, must-use color in interior design. Last year, for instance, one company chose the warm, medium-toned “Aegean Teal,” and people used that color everywhere — from kitchens to siding. A company called Pantone also picks a color of the year. Most designers (interior, fashion, etc.) use Pantone as a universal language to describe colors. Because let’s face it, “Aegean Teal” might call up different shades of teal to different folks. Last year’s Pantone color was *yawn* “Ultimate Gray.” This year’s Pantone palette is full of bold, bright colors.

But, what’s the overriding sense of color for 2022? Keep reading for all the lovely hues you can use to welcome this new calendar year.

What are the pros calling the colors of 2022?

As we mentioned, everyone and their brother weighs in on what they believe the color of the year is. Interestingly enough, however, most color sources are choosing colors from the same color family. If you like green, you’re in luck. Everyone is all about green this year!

1. “Water Mint Green” and “Cerulean Blue”

According to Chinese calendar traditions, 2022 is the year of the Tiger and has the “Yang polarity.” This weighs heavily on their color choices, as does representing all four of the elements. There are two primary colors, water mint green and cerulean blue, and two secondary colors, fiery yellow and red.

2. “Breezeway”

But the green preference doesn’t stop there. All of the major paint companies have also chosen shades of green as their color of the year. Behr’s “Breezeway” looks the closest to Chinese tradition’s “water mint green.” They describe it as “relaxed and uplifting sea glass… for forward movement.”

3. “October Mist 1495”

Meanwhile, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams chose somewhat similar tones of sagey, grey-greens. If you were a fan of “greige,” you’ll love these company’s options as they’re the green-toned counterparts to that fad. Benjamin Moore’s October Mist 1495 is described as a “gently shaded sage.”

4. “Evergreen Fog”

Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog is slightly darker. (And, honestly, will probably color every wall in our house soon enough!)

5. “Cascade”

As for Pantone’s colors? They run the whole rainbow spectrum. There are yellows, pinks, and bold oranges. They also include neutrals for more subdued options. It’s worth noting, however, that their palette includes two shades of green: Cascade and Fair Green. Both tones match well with the watery green Chinese pick and the earthy tones from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

Soooo… what colors should you wear for New Year’s Eve?

Here’s the thing about New Year’s Eve: There are no wrong answers! NYE is all about partying away the awful aspects of the previous year and ringing in the hope and promise of what’s to come. So, as long as you’re festive, you’re fine. Black, gold, and silver are always sleek. And at a solid New Year’s Eve party, you won’t be overdressed or “extra” in head-to-toe glitter or sequins of any color. But, if you want to show you’re keeping up with what’s trendy and fashionable, then your obvious answer is, again, green.

According to Stylecaster, four colors made repeated appearances during 2022’s first fashion shows: Lime green and kelly green both caught the eyes of stylists and designers, and bright, bold, hot-as-the-sun oranges and yellows also lead the pack. In other words, 2022 is looking pretty citrus-y! So, if you’re looking to truly stand out at your New Year’s Eve party, the closer in color you look to a highlighter, the better — with preference to green, obviously.

What about New Year’s nail colors?

Just like with what clothes you wear on New Year’s, there aren’t really any wrong answers for your nails. If you’re sticking with your LBD or riding the champagne (the color) train to your party, go extra bold with your nails. Choose any of those vivid and fiery colors listed above. Or, hop on 2022’s biggest nail trends — we’re seeing nearly-neutral nails with fun accents, like 3D decorations or simple details on just a few select fingers. The “twisted” French manicure also seems to be making a comeback, aka replacing the white tips with your favorite color. “Stiletto nails” are also still on-trend, and the longer and pointer, the better.

What colors will be popular for babies and kids in 2022?

If you’re giving your little one an NYE mani or dressing them for that family-friendly Dec. 31 party you’re throwing, they’d probably gush over the lime green and other chippy citrus hues lighting up the runways. Or you could choose from the three key Pantone colors Trend Bible is calling for in the 2022 design forecast: Pantone’s Nasturtium (a warm cayenne shade), Sunshine (a joyful pale yellow), and Blue Iris (an enchanting bluish-purple).

So, what’s the takeaway on New Year’s colors?

Here’s our big takeaway about New Year’s: Go big, but don’t go broke. We love being on-trend, but the thing about trends is that there is always a new one around the corner. We’ll happily embrace green because we love it — and we’ll decorate with it, even when Millennial Pink comes back around. But if we’re looking to partake in the lime green fun, we’ll keep our investment minimal so that we can replace it with whatever fun-but-also-God-awful color the “experts” deem trendy next year!

What are lucky colors to wear on New Year’s Eve?

Why not combine fashion and luck to bring in the New Year? Many cultures believe certain colors are associated with fortunate events. So, add a bit of luck to your New Year’s Eve outfit by wearing one of these colors below.

  • Red: In Italy, red is related to fertility and conceiving. So if you’re thinking about bringing a baby into the New Year too, wear some red undies for a luck. In Chinese culture, red is also associated with good fortune.
  • White: This color reflects a clean slate and a fresh beginning, which isn’t such a bad idea to have on New Year’s Eve.

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