Feel Good Moment

Parents Secretly Capture Their Kids’ Reactions In This 100% Feel-Good Social Media Trend

You’re going to cry. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Moms have been secretly filming their toddlers' reactions to them being silly.

There are so many cute (and safe) ways to share kids being adorable on social media, but this new trend might take the cake.

A wave of moms have started the trend of secretly taping their child’s reaction as they have fun. The trick? A mom asks her kid to tape her doing something like a fun dance. Instead of having the child face the screen, however, the moms say they are using the front-facing camera and want to see themselves as their child records. What is really happening, though, is these moms are using the rear cameras to record their child’s wholesome reaction to the scene.

In one video, a mom asked her toddler to record her as she danced. She does a goofy dance as Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” blasts. Halfway through her dance (recorded from afar on a separate phone), the video cuts to her child’s reaction as they slowly beam at their mom being silly.

“Why am I bawling at this trend?” Instagram user Maddibaby18 captioned her take on the viral trend. “That smile screams ‘my mom is beautiful and i am too’ and it makes me smile,” reads one reply with over 1,200 likes.

It’s hard to get tired of seeing the huge smiles on all of the kids’ faces.

Other parents did the same trick but instead were being affectionate and playful with their partner, modeling positive relationship values. “The pure love in his eyes 🥺 what did we do to deserve him!” asked one mom who posted a video of her son’s reaction to her and her husband dancing and being tender with one another.

“He loves seeing his parents loving each other ❤️,” said one. And another pointed out how this type of modeling behavior — adorable reaction taped or not — is critical to raising an emotionally stable child. “He is gonna remember that and believe me kids like these children grow up with lesser trust issues. It all starts with the family. Kudos to these parents ❤️” added another.

Kudos indeed! If anyone needed any convincing that modeling healthy and confident behaviors impacts kids’ developments, these toddlers’ faces are it.