Party City's Halloween 'Trunk Or Treat' Kits Are Cute And Festive

by Madison Vanderberg
Party City Has Adorable 'Trunk Or Treat' Theme Packs
Party City

Party City’s “Trunk Or Treat” sets are fun and convenient Halloween options

Trunk or Treat Halloween events have been growing in popularity in recent years as an alternative to traditional trick or treating for families who may not live in a neighborhood where it’s safe to trick or treat door to door. With Trunk or Treating events, everyone parks their car somewhere safe — like a school parking lot — and pop open their trunks as kids “trick or treat” from car to car. To celebrate, Party City has a selection of “Trunk Kits” to make the back of your car super festive this year.

Now with COVID-19, it’s anyone’s guess what Halloween will look like this year, but Trunk or Treating might prove to be popular during the pandemic if you can just dress up your car’s trunk, plop down a bowl of candy, and stand back while your kids make their way from trunk to trunk. Whether Trunk or Treating fits in with your socially distant Halloween plans this year or you just really want to decorate your car for the holiday, here are a few trunk kits you might love.

The Frozen 2 Decorating Kit ($64.99) comes with a serving bowl, balloon versions of Anna and Elsa, and fall leaves streamers, so the whole thing gives off more October vibes than December ones. You can shop this kit in-store or have it shipped to your home.

Party City

The Nightmare Before Christmas Decorating Kit is customizable and all the pieces can be purchased online or in-store. Complete with a giant Jack Skellington, candy bowls, pumpkins, and Christmas garlands — the full kit runs around $61.94, but you can pick and choose items at your liking.

Party City

The Trolls World Tour Decorating Kit ($79.99) has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, but everyone loves Trolls, so why not buy this now for Halloween and year-round fare? This one is cool because it comes with a balloon arch, and who doesn’t want a photo with that?

Party City

There’s also a Spider-Man Decorating Kit ($54.99) and is only available online. What would be cooler than your kid dressing up like Spidey and a full trunk show to go with it?

Party City

No matter how you choose to celebrate (or not celebrate) Halloween this year due to the pandemic — overly decorating your home (and car) is always safe.