15 Ways to Piss Off Moms With Young Kids

by Brooke Arellano
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It’s no secret that all moms have the hardest job known to man. While it never gets easier, the older your children are the more time you have had to heighten your mom defenses. Moms with young kids have it a little harder. We are still wiping butts, trudging through the “terrible toddler” years and getting only a few hours of sleep. Moms with young kids are easily agitated and often on the brink of losing it…so for the sake of yourself and the ones around you, try to avoid the following scenarios at all costs.

1. Looking at us with pity and asking if we’d like a consultation when we pass the makeup counter at the mall.

2. Asking “why,” because odds are we’ve already heard that 45,903 times on any given day.

3. Bringing up Disneyland, Disney World or actually anything Disney-related in front of our kids.

4. Giving our children stickers, Play-Doh or glitter.

5. Mentioning how you LOVE weekends so much because you get to sleep in.

6. Preaching about how TV rots kids’ brains and how you couldn’t imagine letting your child watch it.

7. Bragging about how you’ve heard that the baby weight just “slips off” when breastfeeding.

8. Staring at us when our kids are having a tantrum in public. Yes, we hear the screaming. Yes, we are trying to make it stop.

9) Saying something like “Oh I don’t know what I’d do if I was a stay at home parent. I’d be so bored.”

10. Only wearing yoga pants when you’re actually going to a yoga class.

11. Telling us we look tired and that we should try to get some rest. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

12. Lecturing us on how it’s never too early to start applying for schools.

13. Refusing to assist us in our efforts to hide all the obnoxious “impulse buy” items directed at children at a grocery store checkout line.

14. Pointing out that coffee is addictive and smugly telling me it is technically a “drug” and it would be beneficial to “cut back.”

15. Sighing in annoyance when we sit next to you on a plane. Believe me, we’re not excited about the next few hours either.

So if we happen to overreact to your “advice,” don’t take it too personally. Once in a while, mommies deserve a little tantrum, too.

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