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7 Reasons Primary Is The Kids Clothing Brand We Need Right Now

It’s simple, good quality, and affordable, and I can’t stop raving about.

by Scary Mommy Team
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If you’re looking for high quality, colorful, and comfy clothing for your kid, my new favorite go-to has been Primary. It’s a minimalist dream if you rely on basics versus trendy logos. It makes getting the kids dressed in the morning a hassle-free affair, which means I get at *least* seven more minutes of solo coffee me-time in the morning.

Aside from Primary clothes being the antidote to the plethora of overwhelming and overstyled kids’ clothing (my daughter doesn’t need faux leather leggings, thanks!!) they’re also priced really fairly. Which is great, since kids grow overnight, so what fits on Monday might be too snug the following Monday (JK, they don’t grow *that* fast, but you catch my drift).

“I love the quality of their clothes and that we can get pieces in our favorite colors — especially rainbow — whenever we want, no matter the season or trend,” Julie, Scary Mommy’s Head of Design, also shared.

I have so many reasons why I pretty much only shop at Primary, so I’m just going to list them out for you. You’re welcome.


1. No logos, slogans, or ridiculous sayings

Annoyed with super gendered (and often egregious) sayings and slogans on baby and kids clothes? Same. Like, let’s just stop it with the #ladyboss T-shirts already. Primary’s founders simply wanted clothes that help kids shine and not worry about what kind of “statement” they’re making. Honestly, kids don’t even care — they just want to be comfortable, inside and out.

2. It was founded by moms

Speaking of founders, Primary’s co-founders are moms who launched the brand five years ago, offering quality kids’ clothes in classic styles and super soft fabrics, without all the BS.


3. No “boys” or “girls” sections, just clothes for kids who wear clothes

Kids want to wear all kinds of clothes, not just the styles and colors in their “sections.” At Primary, there are no boys and girls sections, just baby and kids. Whatever your kids like to wear, Primary has go-to styles in their favorite colors. Love. It.


4. Their outerwear made from recycled materials

If you’re looking for the best kids’ puffers this season, Primary has them, and they’re machine washable, packable, and come in a rainbow of colors for every kid. And they’re freakin’ cute.

5. They offer new organic baby styles — without the cartoons and characters

Primary’s new Organic Baby Shop features classic styles in amazing, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. It’s simple and oh so soft. It’s truly the most giftable collection for all the babes in your life, so if you know of a parent who could use some more baby clothes, they’ll be so happy with Primary’s new organic baby line.


6. All. The. Rainbow.

When your favorite color is ALL the colors, Primary is for you. Rainbow is one of Primary’s signature colorways, available in lots of favorite styles.

7. There are PJs for the whole family

Last year, Primary launched a limited run of grownup PJs so parents and grandparents could join in on family matching for the holidays or just for fun. They’re back by popular demand (yay!), in new limited edition holiday patterns. They probably won’t last long, though. PJs this soft and comfortable rarely do.


Bonus! Their Sale is STILL happening now! *Everything* is 10-50% off!

I love a good sale. I was able to get 50% off tons of wear-now and new styles (plus get 25% off your first order and FREE shipping when you enter your email above!)

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