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27 Gifts For The Coffee-Obsessed Person In Your Life

December 7, 2018 Updated August 9, 2021

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Loving coffee has become critical working from home with kids, parents, or roommates. If not for you, then definitely for someone you know. And with birthdays, holidays, and events always right around the corner, it’s time to really think about what you can get someone who may already have it all in the coffee department. Well, we’ve got you covered. From the expert coffee lovers to the newbies coffee drinkers who are just starting to dip their toes into making things at home — these coffee gifts are sure to be something they’ll love.

Gifts for people who love coffee can range from actual coffee gift sets or subscriptions to quirky t-shirts about how cranky they are without the beverage. Gifts for coffee lovers can also range from reasonable to really pricey. We’ve got you covered in that department too. Check out our wide-range list of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

Best gifts for someone who loves coffee:

Coffee Gifts

Trade Coffee Subscription

Give the gift of coffee from all around the world with a Trade coffee subscription! Each bag is delivered at peak freshness and you have the option to adjust the type of coffee received as you go. You have the option to give 3, 6, or 12 bags of coffee ranging from $60-$216 (on sale!). If you really love this coffee fiend than you can gift 24 Bags for $420.


Jot Ultra Coffee

Yes, we know. coffee lovers enjoy taking their time making a luxurious, professional-looking cup of coffee. But what happens when they want something just as good ASAP? In comes Jot’s Ultra Coffee. All the caffeine taste and luxury feel in a single tablespoon. (Yep, just one!). The entire bottle is 200ml and can make about 14 glorious cups of coffee in seconds. All you need is water or milk! Your caffeine-loving giftee will love trying something new in the realm of coffee, trust us.

$24 AT JOT

Bourbon Infused Coffee

Does your giftee love a good Cup of Joe in the morning and is always up for a whiskey tasting on the weekends? Well — you hit the jackpot. This Bourbon Infused Coffee from Uncommon Goods has 100% Arabica beans with a touch of whiskey.


Partners Brooklyn Whole Bean Coffee

Another great and under-the-radar brand we recommend to just about anyone who loves good coffee, Partners, which is based out of Brooklyn, offers a variety of unique blends. What we love about Partners is that you can order the type of coffee based on what type of brewing gadget you use. While you can get the coffee whole bean, you can also order coffee distinctly made for a French press, or a pour-over. We gave this specific blend (Brooklyn) a go, and we’ll be dreaming of its milk chocolate, toffee, and dried fruit notes forever. Or until we can snatch up another bag.


Chamberlain Coffee Social Dog Cold Brew Addict Bundle

Hey coffee lovers, meet your new obsession: Chamberlain Coffee’s Social Dog blend. If you like a sweet, medium roast (which I love) this is a must-try. It has a super smooth taste, with yummy hints of milk chocolate and graham cracker. Truly, *chef’s kiss*. In addition to coffee, in this bundle you’ll also receive a cute tote, a mason jar, and a straw set. The perfect gift for cold brew lovers!

Take it from one reviewer who tried Chamberlain Coffee for the first time. “This was my first purchase with Chamberlain Coffee and i am in love with everything i got! The straws, tote, and mason jar are adorable and they’re amazing quality! Most importantly, the coffee is the best coffee i’ve ever had!”


Nobletree Dromedaire Cuvee Steeped Single Serve Coffee Bags (10-Pack)

When you’ve got zero time but want the same amazing  quality of slow-roasted coffee, grab Nobletree’s Single Serve Coffee Bags. Similar to teabags, all you need is hot water! Because it’s so quick and easily (and yummy!), this 10 pack is perfect for the person that goes camping all the time, the college kid who’s always late, or anyone else constantly on the go.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Coffee Appliance Gifts

Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over Kettle

This electric pour-over kettle from Fellow has over 2,200 reviews on Amazon. This kettle is fast heating and allows you to control the temperature of your beverage with a knob and LCD screen. Whether you’re heating up coffee, water, or tea, it’ll make your mornings much more efficient with its smooth pour, comfortable handle, and customizable heating.

$169.00 AT AMAZON

KRUPS Fast Touch Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

Speaking of coffee grinders…those are great to have too. When you have the time to make a great cup of coffee, it’s probably gonna be straight from the beans. The KRUPS grinder is best selling and only $15! One avid user reviewed, “My mum bought this grinder in the early 70’s (in Germany) and I’ve been using it for almost 25 years now. It grinds coffee and espresso beans perfectly, as well as herbs, nuts and peppermint drops! I don’t ever want to miss it !”


Zulay Handheld Milk Frother

Milk frothers are perfect for a coffee-lover who’s looking to spice things up and make things a little fancier at home. The device is easy to use (just press ‘On’ and mix), and super small so it doesn’t take up any space in the kitchen. A good first step in creating your coffee accessory collection (because you’ll definitely want more after).


Fellow Clara French Press

“It’s just a French press,” you might be thinking. But “just a French press” it is not. Meet the Clara French Press, a French press that takes the guesswork out of creating the perfect cup of coffee (with markings that show you exactly how much coffee and hot water you want to add). With details like All-Directional Pour Lid makes it so you don’t ever spill a single drop, and the Enhanced Filtration Mesh brings out all the distinct flavors from your brew. Bonus: It’s extremely easy to clean. And yes, it looks like it’s straight out of your Instagram feed dreams.


Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Is your coffee lover the type that only has iced coffee even if it’s freezing out? Weird, but we’ll support it. This Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker will make their homemade cold brew taste even better. One reviewer said, “This is my first cold brew system and I’m very pleased with it. Aesthetically, it is a beautiful glass piece and easy to handle. The size is perfect for sharing the top shelf of the refrigerator with other containers. Since I’ve not had it that long and only used it a couple times, I’ll be experimenting with different coffee amounts and brew times. So far I’ve done 24hr brews. Strong, smooth and so good.”


Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

This Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker looks classy and is super easy to incorporate into a morning routine. Simply grab the filter, coffee grounds, hot water and pour. A fellow coffee lover reviewed, “This is economical to buy, easy to care for, and it works splendidly. A great purchase if you’re seeking a rich cup of morning joe without the bitterness. “


Coffee Mug Gifts

Irish Glass Coffee Mugs

Just like whiskey has it’s own glass, so does Irish coffee (which is just whiskey and hot coffee). But the great thing about these mugs is that you can use them for hot chocolate, lattes, and other drinks too! Who wouldn’t want to see their drink in a clear glass? One Amazon customer said, “Keeps tea, coffee and chocolate cocoa nice and warm, but handles and mug are not hot to the touch.”

$22.45 AT AMAZON

YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug

With all these fancy appliances to make great coffee at home, it’s only fitting that you gift a travel mug too. The Yeti Rambler is one of the highest rated travel mugs ever at 46,000 reviews! We have a feeling it has something to do with the handle, the awesome array of colors, and the durability of the mug in general. The fact that it keeps our coffee hot is a bonus.

$18.74 AT AMAZON

25% off

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Curl up with a cup of coffee or hot tea and settle in for the night with this Ember Mug. You can control the temperature of your beverage with the Ember App to keep it warm without having to move. Pure bliss.


Lateral Objects Mug

Designed by the legendary Stefan Beckman, this bright but minimalistic mug is the perfect gift for the coffee lover who just wants a plain and simple vessel for their brew. Glossy, shiny, and perfectly sized (not too big, not too small), this mug will bring a smile to anyone’s face, and not just because it’s holding caffeine.


Coffee Gifts For Moms

Yamazaki Home Branch Glass & Mug Tree

Coffee lovers probably have a growing mug collection (if not, see our recs above), so they need something to organize it all! This Yamazaki Home Branch Glass & Mug Tree does the trick in a gorgeous and modern way. This display can be rearranged based on mug size too.


Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Okay, we get it. The Ember mug may be a bit much if you don’t know the person well. So, here’s another option: The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer! This warmer works with any mug they already have, it’s easy to clean, and it’s super safe. Over 20,000 coffee drinkers reviewed this gadget on Amazon. Among those reviewers one raved, “It’s going on a little over a year since I got this coffee warmer & I felt I needed to let everyone know that this is the best coffee warmer I’ve gotten. I work 7 am to 5 pm and it is on the entire time, 5 to 6 days a week. It keeps my tea at just the right temperature. Not scalding or room temperature like other warmers I’ve purchased.
The 60 inch cord is long enough to go across my large desk. The hot plate is 3.25 inches in diameter, making it the right size for even my large bottomed coffee mug.”

$16.72 AT AMAZON

Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencil, Set of 6

While we’re stuck at home, this is the perfect time for the inner-barista to come out. And while we may not be an A+ latte artist just yet, these stencils will help in the meantime. Grab a little cinnamon (or any spice of choice) and create one of the six designs that are included.  From snowflakes and hearts, to flowers and abstract shapes.


K-Cup Carousel

If they have a Keurig (or if you get the one linked above), they’ll need something to organize all of those K-cups! This K-Cup Carousel holds 35 and takes up minimal space in the kitchen. It’s the only way to keep the precious cups from rolling around the pantry or drawers.


Keurig K-Mini Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

The Keurig is easy to use and any coffee lover can appreciate how efficient it is. Sometimes you just don’t have time to grind beans, measure, and brew. This is the perfect solution! Make sure to grab a few k-cups too if they don’t have them already.


Bodum Chambord French Press

With nearly 12,000 reviews on Amazon, the Bodum Chambord is the best selling French Press you have to get for any coffee lover that you know. With a choice between 12, 17, 34, and 51 ounces, you’ll definitely find the one that works best for your giftee.


Coffee Themed Gifts For Friends

Craft Coffee: A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home

Not all coffee lovers are experts in the subject. This book by Jessica Easto could be the perfect gift for those that want to deep dive into their new found love. Craft Coffee: A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home was even named a top food & drink book of 2017 by Food Network, Wired, Sprudge, and Booklist.


SunLux Skincare Rise & Shine Coffee + Red Tea Body Scrub

Any coffee lover will agree that the best way to wake up is to the smell of coffee, but I doubt they thought that would include in the shower too. This Rise & Shine Coffee + Red Tea Body Scrub from SunLux Skincare may be the best way to start the day. The ingredients not only smell amazing, but they’ll leave your skin feeling soft after exfoliation, and will have you energized for the day ahead. Note that this body scrub can be used any time of day (not just the mornings!), which I’m sure your coffee-loving giftee will appreciate.


Sorry For What I Said Before Coffee - Adult Graphic Tee

We all have those moments when people (or our kids) just happen to catch us at the wrong time…usually early in the morning before we’ve had any coffee. This shirt will make up for any reaction you or your giftee may have during that emotional time before your first cup.


Coffee Definition Print

We know coffee lovers know the true meaning of coffee, but does everyone else? This adorable print will help display it to the world and will look great in anyone’s kitchen.


100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub with Organic Coffee

Did you know that coffee has great benefits for skin too? Make coffee a part of each step in their self-care routine. Scrub first, drink second. This 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub by First Botany Cosmeceuticals is top rated for having organic coffee grounds and being great to moisturize and exfoliate the skin.

$15.45 AT AMAZON

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