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Watch A Retired Kindergarten Teacher Get Surprised By Her Last Graduating Seniors

Jane Pearson taught kindergarten for 38 years — and left a huge impact on her students.

A daughter took a video of her mom, a retired kindergarten teacher, reuniting with her last class as...
TikTok/Kim Hamilton

If you’re lucky, you have that one teacher or two that you’ll never, ever forget — someone who impacts your life, for the rest of your life. For a huge number of kids in Chesterton, Indiana, that teacher was Mrs. Pearson, who taught in the same classroom and at the same school for 38 years.

This year was her thirteenth year of retirement, and her last class of kindergarteners graduated from high school. They couldn’t resist surprising their first and most memorable teacher.

Her daughter, Kim Hamilton, caught it all on film so that everyone around the world could cry about it, too.

The video opens with Jan Pearson sitting in her garden with her husband and daughter when she hears a knock on the fence. When she sees a young woman in a graduation cap and gown, she immediately knows who it is.

“Liz!” she shouts, getting out of her chair.

More and more students follow, all wearing their graduation duds. She knows all of their names, still.

“Did you know this was happening!? Oh my gosh, I love you all,” she exclaims as her long-ago classroom of no-longer littles streams in to her back yard.

“Oh my god, you’re all just gorgeous,” she says, giving each one a special hug like only kindergarten teachers can.

“That’s your last graduating class, mama,” Hamilton says from behind the camera. “That’s your last group of kindergarteners.”

And with that, basically everyone loses it, including Mrs. Pearson. If you can reach the other side of this video without shedding a tear, you might want to have that checked out.

“A student from the graduating class of 2022 (which was her last kindergarten class) contacted me because she wanted to get a group of former students together to surprise her,” Hamilton told Viral Hog. “My mom's passion was her career and her job was everything to her. I spent years of my childhood on evenings and weekends with her at the school prepping so everything was perfect. She made special memory books for each child that she bound and presented at the end of the year to each student. She truly was a one of a kind teacher. She deserves this recognition.”

In the comments, viewers shared how moved they were by the video, with many sharing the important kindergarten and elementary school teachers in their lives.


A few more teachers chimed in as well, relating to the love Mrs. Pearson had for each of her kids.


And a few of her other former kiddos commented as well. The consensus? She was an extremely special educator who changed lives.


It’s impossible to watch this without thinking of the teacher that you could go back and hug if you could.