Editors' Picks: Scary Mommy's Favorite Books of 2021

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A woman lying down in bed holding one of her favorite books of 2021 on her chest

Scary Mommy’s editors picked their very favorite reads of the year, from page-turning novels to riveting memoir to non-fiction

2021 sure was a year to escape reality with the the help of a book. While some people had trouble focusing on long-form reading due to the ongoing global pandemic and other assorted crap (and wow do we totally understand that), others upped their book consumption considerably, considering that going outside or even thinking about the real world is usually scary these days.

Here at Scary Mommy, it’s no surprise that we love books and stories — and that most of us cling to them during hard times. Some of our editors, like our beloved photo editor Julia, did a deep dive into the rom com genre (and her recommendations are amazing). Others, like our intrepid editor-in-chief Kate Auletta, dealt with the chaos around us by learning more about the issues at hand with non-fiction picks like the incredibly written Empire of Pain. Still others, like me, read super weird literary fiction about stuff like a woman who has sex with an owl and then gives birth an owl-baby, because that’s the sort of stuff I like to read, okay? Jeez!

Without further ado: here are our editor’s book picks for 2021, in no particular order.


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