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Senator Warnock Wrote His Daughter A Moving Note About Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation

The Georgia Senator penned touching words to his young daughter about the nation’s first Black female Supreme Court Justice.

U.S. Senator Raphael G. Warnock penned a note to his daughter on the day that Ketanji Brown Jackson ...
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This week, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the Supreme Court, becoming the first Black woman in history to do so. It was a day many of us will never forget, and amidst the high emotion of the moment, Reverend Raphael Warnock wanted his daughter to know that he was thinking of her.

Using official stationery from the Vice President herself, The Senator from Georgia addressed his young daughter, Chloé: “Today we confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court. In our nation’s history, she is the first Supreme Court Justice who looks like you — with hair like yours.”

“While we were voting on the floor of the Senate,” Warnock continues, “a friend of mine, the Vice President of the United States handed me this piece of paper and suggested I write a note to someone who comes to mind. By the way, she is the first Vice President who also looks like you!”

“I write this note to say you can be anything, achieve anything you set your head and heart to do.” Senator Warnock concludes his missive, ending with, “Love you! Dad.”

Warnock posted pictures of the historic missive on Twitter, saying, “This one’s for you, Chloé.”

Vice President Harris also handed stationary to others in the room — Senator Cory Booker said Harris encouraged him and Warnock to write a letter to a young girl in their life — though Booker hadn’t yet decided who to write.

On the South Lawn of the White House on Friday, Harris shared that she had taken a moment to write her god daughter.

“I felt such a deep sense of pride and joy about what this moment means for our nation and for her future,” she said. “And I will tell you — her braids are just a little longer than yours — I wrote to her what it means for her life and what it means in terms of potential.”

Warnock was hardly the only one celebrating the long-awaited moment in which the senate, presided over by Vice President Harris, approved Jackson Brown’s lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Gubernatorial candidate and fellow Georgian Stacey Abrams tweeted: “Anchored by intellectual rigor, compassion and fortitude, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson joins the U.S. Supreme Court and the annals of history. We are grateful for service that brought her here and the work yet to come. Congratulations, America!”

Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., tweeted: “What a powerful moment in the history of this nation. What a reminder that change can come. Let’s embrace it and keep working for true peace.”

Of course, not everyone in Washington was in a celebratory mood. After the 53-47 vote in favor of Jackson’s confirmation was announced on Thursday, evoking a standing ovation, some Republican senators, including Ted Cruz of Texas, were caught on video leaving and heading toward an exit. Cruz had been vocal in his objections to Judge Jackson’s appointment, saying that she was “extreme” and questioning the length of sentences she handed down in child pornography cases.

Moderate Republican Senators Mitt Romney of Utah, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Susan Collins of Maine joined senate Democrats in voting for Judge Jackson’s confirmation. Romney could be seen applauding following the confirmation vote.

It was the wins of Senator Warnock and Senator Jon Ossof in Georgia’s runoff elections in January 2021 that handed senate control to the Democratic party, enabling Judge Jackson’s nomination to pass with a majority of votes even without any Republican support. As the Senate is currently split 50-50 between parties, Vice President Harris casts the tie-breaking vote.