stop saying you're bored!

A Mom Lists The "Stages Of Summer" In Hilariously Relatable Video

"I feel like summer is so many days in a row."

TikTok creator and mom, Sarah, wonders what “stage of summer” everyone is in because, at her house, ...
@sarahmakesmelaugh / TikTok

Summer is in full swing! Are you ready for the kids to go back to school yet? Or have you totally embraced the no routine, total chaos lifestyle for the next couple months? I know that it’s not even the 4th of July yet, and I am hanging on by the thinnest of threads!

I love summer and late bedtimes and the easy-going nature of the summer months, but after a while when the kids are constantly coming to you saying how “bored” they are... it’s enough to start spending $5k on summer camps.

One mom wants to see where other parents are landing in their summer journey in a hilarious video.

TikTok creator and mom Sarah wonders what “stage of summer” everyone is in because, at her house, things are going off the rails.

“Summer Mom wellness check: What stage of summer are you guys at? Is it ‘my kids will not cease fighting and also we cannot keep food in this home’? Because that's the one I'm deep in that one,” she says exhaustedly in her video.

“The crying and the ‘Mooooom!’ I will surely die if I hear one of my children say "Stoooooop!" one more time. I'll just pass.”

Sarah goes on to share an anecdote about her trip to the grocery store with her kids that ended up with her adding a giant pack of marshmallow treats to her cart. You can probably guess what happened next.

“They got this giant box of individually packaged Rice Krispie treats because I've given up. They were like, ‘Can we get these?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, just be nice in the store.’ There were 50. That was at ... four o'clock. It's 7:53 pm. They are half gone. Some neighbors have been in and out, but now they're hiding in my closet, and we're probably going to get mice. Because I was like, ‘Are you guys well? Why? Stop doing that,” she shared.

“I feel like summer is so many days in a row,” she added.

Sarah clarifies that she loves summer with her kids, but there seems to be some sort of phenomenon that happens when your kids are at home with you every single day for months on end that makes it seem like summer is approximately 190384903 years long.

“Am I wrong? Summer's a good time. It is a lot of days right directly in a row. And what if they did like a little bit of school like as a treat for me?” she jokes.

After her video was posted, several fellow summer moms chimed in and shared their own “summer stages” with the OP.

“I’m in the ‘screen time limits don’t exist’ part,” one noted.

“I’m at: In 1 day we went out to breakfast, went to a bday party, went to a friends pool, got our favorite Mexican for dinner. My son: worst day ever because we left the pool 💀💀,” one TikTok user shared.

Sarah replied, “I love at the end of the summer when I ask what their favorite memory was and they can think of nothing. THANKS I LOVE IT.”

Another said, “I’m certain my children have learned to completely tune out my voice. They don’t listen to anything I say. They just do what they want and ignore me”

Sarah responded, “Honestly same. The number of times I’ve said ‘nobody listens to anything I say’ is….infinite?”

And for those of you who say that kids just need routine and structure in the summer, try doing that while working from home with half day summer camps at five different places. I guess that’s the stage of summer I’m in!