Best Stroller Blankets To Keep Your Cargo Warm And Cozy

Baby, it’s cold outside.

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A baby stroller blanket is a baby gear essential you probably didn’t know you needed. That is, until you dealt with the frustration of a regular blanket dragging on the ground and getting stuck between the wheels over and over… and over again. Sure, there are worse things, but if a blanket made specifically for strollers can help save you the aggravation, you deserve all the stroller blankets.

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Stroller blankets keep your child warm and protected from the elements while out and about. They are the perfect length — big enough to fit over your little one and small enough to not hang off the stroller and cause you to wish so much ill upon an innocent blanket right there on the sidewalk. They’re also great to use as a stroller cover during a supervised nap. (Oh, stroller naps, how we love thee.) Plus, they can be used as a receiving blanket, for naps at home, tummy time, or just for cozy snuggle time.

Since the internet has an overabundance of options, we narrowed them down to the absolute favorites that you’ll love, too. We also threw in some car seat blankets/covers for infant carriers, which can take the place of a bulky coat — because we all know how much fun it is to put a coat on a baby. (It’s actually not safe for a baby to wear any bulky clothing in a car seat, which is an important factor to consider when it’s cold outside.)

What size should a stroller blanket be?

When it comes to baby blankets, stroller blankets are the most consistent in size. They are typically 30 inches by 40 inches and designed to fit conventional strollers. To put those dimensions into perspective, the average swaddle ranges between 40 and 48 inches and is super great at getting caught on the wheels.

Best Stroller Blankets

Oh, hello adorable and cozy blanket! This Aztec-style blanket is more or less exactly what every baby/grownup wants and needs in a blanket. Made from polyester, this blanket has a sherpa backing that keeps it extra warm. It also has a 4.8 out of five-star rating on Amazon, which is nothing to scoff at.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Loved this blanket for my newborn. It is a nice size and good quality. It washes well. It is a light fluffy blanket, but is very warm. Sometimes too warm so definitely more of a winter level, but has been a perfect cozy blanket for cold nights and snuggles.”

The perks of a reversible blanket: Two design options, and if one side of the blanket gets dirty (which it will, because babies), just flip it over! This blanket from Burt’s Bees is made of organic jersey cotton and both sides are just so ridiculously pretty. There are six design options to choose from, but technically 12 since they’re reversible.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Pure cotton blanket that's perfect for babies with sensitive skin. It was breathable and exactly what my baby needed.”

One side of this blanket is made of super soft Minky (which basically feels like clouds, if clouds were soft and blankety), and the other side is made of sherpa. So, is this the softest blanket ever to exist? Quite possibly. It comes in grey, navy blue, and pink.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great price point. Would be a perfect baby shower gift. Very light but will keep baby very warm.”

Is it a sweater or is it a blanket? It’s the cutest little sweater blanket! This organic cable knit blanket is made of breathable woven muslin cotton, the “purest layer for baby’s thin and porous skin,” according to the company. A bonus: the blanket is eco-friendly and comes with sustainability certifications.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is my son's favorite blanket. Perfect size for a travel blanket. It's super soft and overall very cute!”

The perfect medium-weight blanket for temperatures that aren’t too cold and aren’t too warm. It’s made from 100% high-quality acrylic material. Parents recommend washing the blanket and throwing it in the dryer on low heat to loosen it up, as that’s when it really comes into its softness.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My 14-month-old will not sleep in her crib without this blanket. It is so soft and thin, yet warm. The color is beautiful too. Will definitely be buying more for a back-up.”

Have a baby or toddler who looooves airplanes? Then, they’re bound to love this blanket. Seriously, it’s so freaking cute. It’s plush and soft, and it’s gentle on Baby’s skin. Did I mention it’s adorable? Made from soft mink and sherpa, it’s hard to turn down — especially since it has a 4.9 out of five-star rating on Amazon, which is almost unheard of. It’d also make for a great baby shower present.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This blanket is perfect, soft and thick enough to keep my baby very warm while still lightweight enough that as a newborn he could kick it off. He is now 6 months and it is getting cold again and it is still perfect for stroller rides or to cover him up during a nap in a chilly room. It is also a really great size, not so big that there is more than you want to hold, but big enough that even at twice his birth size he is warm and covered fully.”

We’re gonna need JJ Cole to make this in a grown-up size. This snuggly, warm, weather-resistant car seat cover eliminates the need for an actual blanket and instead acts as a travel sleeping bag. Buttons allow for easy access and temperature control. It comes with a removable hood and has a cozy thermaplush back panel for your baby to lie on. And it comes in four color options.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I’ve been able to put my baby in a T-shirt and pants in this bundle me sack and her body heat keeps her so warm in it even in the cold outside weather. She doesn’t overheat and she is so so warm and comfortable. Just buy it.”

Baby Car Seat Blankets

The Skip Hop Car Seat Blanket is highly recommended by Denise Stern, the founder and CEO of Let Mommy Sleep, a special team of Registered Nurses and Newborn Care Providers who provide overnight care for new families. “We like SkipHop’s Stroll and Go car seat cover,” she says. “It’s cozy and warm but also doesn’t go under baby’s back, touch or attach to the car seat straps- wrapping completely over the car seat makes it safe for all types of travel.” Over 7,000 Amazon reviewers agree. This car seat blanket/cover is best for cold temperatures, as it keeps your baby super snug and warm. It has elastic edges for a tight fit on any infant carrier, and it has a zipper for easy access. It also has a strap to keep the fleece blanket open when you’re inside or your baby gets too warm. Choose from four color options.

One Reviewer Wrote: “We were caught in an unexpected blizzard-type snow shower last weekend and this cover was amazing! We had my daughter completely closed up so she wouldn't get the cold wind or snow on her and the snowflakes seriously just repelled off the cover. If they didn't repel they just melted and the water sat there, not soaking it. I wiped the water off and it was dry immediately. Definitely worth the money!”

Car seat covers are great because they attach to the carrier and you don’t have to worry about suffocation or the blanket falling off. Plus, to regulate the temperature, the blanket can be removed without taking off the entire cover. This weather-resistant nylon cover with a fleece interior comes in seven colors that we’re obsessed with. In other words, good luck choosing just one!

One Reviewer Wrote: “This keeps my daughter warm. I put her in the car seat with a sleeper and socks and a onesie underneath. On top I will put a thick blanket and zip the car seat cover on top of her and carry her this way to the car. It is also waterproof. Rained hard the other day and to my surprise she did not get wet.”

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