This Bug-Repelling Sticker Kit Is A Summer Must-Have— & It’s 43% Off Now

The Natural Patch Co. has a new way to keep bugs and UV rays at bay.

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There’s nothing quite like a family trip in the great outdoors for making lasting memories. Whether high up in the mountains, by the beach, or somewhere in between, fun and adventure await — but so do the bugs and UV rays. Instead of loading up on creams and sprays that your kids won’t let you put on them anyways, reach for The Natural Patch Co.’s Outdoor Adventure Kit that’s sure to be a hit with the whole family. The kit’s innovative, nontoxic adhesive patches make it easy to stay bug- and sunburn-free — and you can score the complete kit now for 43% off.

What’s In the Outdoor Adventure Kit

The Outdoor Adventure Kit includes a variety of adhesive medical-grade stickers for the whole family to use — all plant-powered, nontoxic, and biodegradable. And they’re cute to boot. Here’s what you’ll find in the now-discounted summer bundle:

  • Kid BuzzPatch: These DEET-free BuzzPatches repel mosquitos by creating a virtual citronella oil-based shield. They’re made from colorful, non-woven fabric that adheres effortlessly to clothing and provides protection for up to 72 hours. The smiley emoji faces make them extra fun for little ones.
  • Adult BuzzPatch: Sized to fit grownups, these citronella-based BuzzPatches work just as hard as the kid version to keep mosquitos, midges, and flies away.
  • MagicPatch: These waterproof Itch-Relief patches are for when a sneaky mosquito gets by. The grid-like stickers start to work in less than 60 seconds to relieve the itch and bring down swelling — and they last for up to 7 days.
  • SunnyPatch: These UV-detecting patches change from white to purple when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. You simply apply the sunscreen right over the patch (as you lather up your kid), and let it tell you when it’s time to re-up on the SPF.

What Fans Are Saying

The Natural Patch Co. has amassed thousands of fans for its range of fun, effective patches. Here are just a few of the rave reviews featured on its website.

On The BuzzPatch...

“My 2 yr old is SUPER allergic to bug bites and since using these she hasn't had a single one.” - N.H.

“My family were travelling to south Africa and Zimbabwe (Lake Kariba) . I had seen Buzz Patch advertised and [...] decided to buy Buzz Patch and the other range of products that are sold by this Company. My grandchildren aged 6 and 8 years did not get bitten Once the whole trip , these Patches stay on were Amazing. I highly recommend Everything. FANTASTIC.!!!” - Allison Brooker

“I love these buzz patches, so much better than spraying my babies and toddlers with bug spray all over their bodies, I even put one on my top and it works great🥰 so much better and easier to use. I would say it is more effective than any bug sprays I've used.” - B.

On The MagicPatch...

“Brought for my daughter who has reactions to mosquito bites. She said these patches took the itch away within minutes.” - P.

“I get absolutely hammered by mosquitos and midgies and end up red raw from scratching well not anymore. These patches are amazing. The only thing I have found that take the itch away. Antihistamines, itch creams etc never did anything for me. [...]Get my patches out stick them on and within a very short time the itch has gone. I take them with me everywhere I go now. The patches have saved my life. [...]” - Ali Roselli

On The SunnyPatch...

“SunnyPatch has been a fantastic teaching tool for my kids. They've learned the importance of sun protection, and they're even reminding me to reapply my sunscreen now! It's a win-win for everyone.” - Grace K.

“I can't recommend SunnyPatch enough! Not only is it a fun and effective way to monitor sun protection, but it's also a great conversation starter at the park. Other parents are always asking where we got our nifty color-changing patches!” - Sarah G.

“As a parent of a child with sensitive skin, I was thrilled to find a sun-safety product that's compatible with our favorite gentle sunscreen. SunnyPatch has made outdoor playtime so much more enjoyable and worry-free for our family.” -Ben L.

More About The Natural Patch Co.

Aussie-based The Natural Patch Co. first came onto the scene with the BuzzPatch. The colorful, emoji-adorned patches were an instant hit with parents and kids alike, and the brand has since expanded to include other patch offerings that help with everything from relieving allergy congestion to promoting calm and sleep.

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