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‘The Stress Of House Repairs Is Ruining My Sex Life’

In the latest Confessions roundup, 15 parents vent about in-laws, bills, potty training, and more.

by Emma Coburn

Do a renovation, they said. It’ll be easy, they said. Actually, we’ve never heard someone say that about a renovation, but still... they’re somehow always ten times more complicated than you think they’ll be. So it makes sense the stress would spill over into the bedroom, like it did for one reader. Other topics in the Scary Mommy Confessional this week range from potty training and guy friends with awkward crushes to the endless sicknesses that are somehow still going strong. Read on for the full roundup.

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The stress of house repairs is ruining my sex life with my husband

Confessional #81627481

2 of my guy friends admitted they have crushes on me and want me. I have been married for 17 years.

Confessional #81928376

I have a day off alone tomorrow I can not wait to sit on the sofa and drink ice coffee alone.

Confessional #81920398

I’m dreading finding things to do for my five year old over summer vacation

Confessional #88172938

1st trimester nausea/fatigue is worse with toddler when hiding it from friends and family

Confessional #81929399

Husband’s grandma is trying to cause problems with our marriage. So tired of it!

Confessional #88192039

Feel like I’m losing a close friend and I don’t understand what happened

Confessional #81928376

I don’t want to restart work(currently SAHM), but bills are stacking up.

Confessional #81928376

I want to stop pumping, but formula is so damn expensive!

Confessional #81928190

In the trenches of potty training. Day 4 and he’s just not getting it. So frustrating!

Confessional #81920398

My 14yo is really mean to me and it’s hard to shrug off

Confessional #81929487

I want to go no contact with my MIL after she insulted me to my face in front of my kids and hub

Confessional #81920398

My husband is so useless all of a sudden with our 4 month old.

Confessional #81928377

My ex is annoying me and I’m glad my kids have me more!

Confessional #81920498

2 kids sick continuously since October 3 is about to break my spirit and sanity

Confessional #81986754