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This Mom’s Viral Holiday Rant Will Make You Feel Slightly Better About The Holidays

There's something holiday-related at your kid’s school you're probably forgetting about.

TikTok / @d_prend40

‘Tis the season for tons of activities, parties, special events, and a million other things to do and keep track of for ours kids! Fun!

The mental load of motherhood is hard enough without Pinterest telling us to put the Elf on the shelf and make sure that your kid’s Christmas morning is filled with magic and that perfect present. Don’t forget to make a simmer bowl to make your house smell like Santa’s workshop! Oh, did you buy your mother-in-law a gift yet? You know, your partners’s not going to do that, but I digress!

A mom is going viral on TikTok after she got super real about the stresses of the holidays when it comes to being a mom. In her tongue-in-cheek video, she rambles off a list of things that you’re probably forgetting about when it comes to your kid’s school schedule around the holidays, reminding you to get it together, mom!

“I don't know who needs to hear this, but your kid has some kind of pajama-wearing, winter fest, book swap, Secret Santa, cookie-sharing, Twelve Days of Christmas, Spirit Week-something happening at school tomorrow that you need to get ready for," Darryl Prendergast, aka @d_prend40, said in video while filming in her car.

“And P.S.,” Prendergast added in her comments section. “There's a sign-up genius somewhere out there with your name on it. Go get your item.”

So. Freaking. Relatable.

Parents flooded Prendergast’s comment section with laughter and solidarity. One mom wrote, “Why do they do this to us???!! Like I’m not stressing enough for the holidays.”

Another echoed, “Omg yes! Book swap/cookie holiday performance for 3 year olds! Tomorrow 😂”

Some parents felt this warning deeply, but placed the blame on their kids for the last minute scrambling. One TikTok user wrote, “And my kid won’t mention it until about 9 pm the night before…”

Another empathized, “It’s been all week. I just found out about the secret Santa. Fml.”

Prendergast, mother of two to a sixth grader and a 10th grader, told TODAY.com that she posted the video to try and cope with her Sunday Scaries.

“I had just gotten an email from my child’s middle school about a Holiday Spirit Week that entailed various outfit changes,” she said. “There is an ice cream truck one day — don’t forget to send money — Wednesday is 'Red and White' Day, Thursday is 'White Out Day' and Friday is 'Pajama Day.' Oh, and there's a teacher's luncheon.”

As a former elementary school teacher, Prendergast knows how stressful this race to finish the end of the year can be for parents. “Before I had kids, I was the one emailing parents to send donations to build gingerbread houses, not realizing how busy parents are,” she recalled.

Despite the madness of the holidays when you’re a parent, Prendergast wants to remind parents that it’s a wild ride, but one that we’ll look back on with fondness.

“This is a crazy hectic time for all of us and we have to stop and laugh together,” she said. “And appreciate that one day we’re going to miss this.”