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Please Stop Cracking Eggs On Your Kid’s Head For Views, Thanks!

Don’t be your child’s first bully just for a laugh.

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A new TikTok trend has parents cracking eggs open on their kids' heads, and yep, it's problematic.
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A disturbing and not-funny-at-all trend has taken over TikTok where parents essentially lure their kids into thinking they’re having a nice cooking session only to be hit in the head with an egg so hard that it breaks.

It’s called the TikTok Egg Crack Challenge, and with yolk running down kids’ faces and tears in their eyes, parents look into the camera and laugh their butt off. OMGWOWSOFUNNY!

Putting your children on full display on your public social media has caused a discourse in and of itself, but adding the aspect of public humiliation (without their consent) for the sake of views is a whole new ballgame — and lots of people have a lot to say about it.

Is it a harmless joke or a new level of punching down (literally, with an egg)?

What is the TikTok Egg Crack Challenge?

If you can stomach more than one of these videos, you’ll essentially see the trend of parents setting up a camera, hitting record, and literally hitting their child so hard in the forehead with an egg that it cracks and breaks. Some kids laugh it off, but for the most part, kids are usually shocked and emotional afterward, either with anger or sadness.

Imagine being so excited to spend time with your parent, making something delicious with them in the kitchen, only to be completely set up and have pain inflicted on you — physical and otherwise. Then, despite your reaction, your parent posts it on their social media for strangers to watch you cry.

The hashtag #eggcrackchallenge has 56.1 million views on TikTok — that’s a lot of parents humiliating their kids for some clout.

Popular parenting TikTok account @mom.uncharted had some thoughts on this unfunny trend, basically reminding parents that your children are not your props for content.

“Yes I’ve been tagged in a few of these videos and I’ve seen it go two ways. One, the kid gets the egg on the head and they’re kind of confused, thrown off, thinks it’s a little funny. Then they move on. Or, they get the egg cracked on the head and they’re really upset about it and they freak out,” Sarah explained.

“[Are we] needing to post on the internet so bad because it is so consuming to be a part of our world?” she asks in her response video to the “TikTok egg crack” trend. “And the dopamine hit, and the likes and views, that we now in 2023 are cracking eggs on our children’s heads in hopes that they have an entertaining reaction that we can post publicly online to entertain strangers? What are we doing? Why are we doing this?”

Why are parents doing the TikTok Egg Crack Prank?

Some of these parents may laugh this all off, tell us “sensitive” folks to take a joke and move on with their mixed-up perspectives, and that’s fine. But some other parents are giving the TikTok Egg Crack Challenge their own spin, turning the cracking on their own forehead.

One mom, @thymeandtenderness on TikTok, told her followers that it was “so easy” to change up this prank to actually make it sweet and funny. As she prepped the eggs for her and her son’s baking activity, she took the egg and cracked it on her own forehead.

Her son immediately bursts out into a fit of giggles so contagious that she laughs along too. The whole video turns out to be a really sweet moment and a lesson to not take yourself too seriously. And that’s how comedy works best — punching up, not down, is the best way to get a healthy, happy laugh.

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