A Mom Shared The Soul-Crushing Moment No One Came To Her Daughter's Birthday Party

The now-viral TikTok shows the mom's little girl sitting in a decorated party room all by herself.

This mom shared her heartbreaking moment when no one showed up for her child's birthday party.
@breannamstrong / TikTok

There is no bigger hurt as a parent than when our baby is hurting. It’s normal to want to jump in and try to fix whatever the problem is in order to ease their pain. However, sometimes, there isn’t much parents can do. So, when things go wrong for our kids, sometimes it’s best to just vent it all out.

That’s what one mom did in a now-viral TikTok when no one showed up to her young daughter’s birthday party. TikTok user — @breannamstrong — planned a birthday party for her daughter, Avery, 3, inviting 27 of her friends. However, no one showed up to celebrate the little girl turning 3.

The quick video clip, set to the solemn song “Get You The Moon” by Kina, shows a large party room with tables set for a pizza party. The text on the video reads, “We invited 27 kids to Avery's 3rd birthday party. Not a single one of her friends showed up.”

She then shares a brief pan of the room with Avery snacking on a slice of pizza by herself. The next shot shows Breanna throwing away a box of pizza. “Money and time wasted,” she wrote on the video.

She ends the clip with a close up of her face, clearly upset by the slighting of her child, and writes, “Literally going home to snuggle my babies.”

The thought of this happening to a sweet little three year old is unimaginable and any mom having to witness this kind of hurt in a child knows just how soul crushing that can be. “I wish I was making this up,” Breanna captioned the video.

One commenter asked for a little bit more insight to exactly what happened and if the no-shows for the party had initially RSVP’d to the event. “did anyone rsvp or did you follow up to see who can or can't come .for no one to turn up something had to go wrong communication wise,” they wrote.

Breanna responded, “There was a planned event on Facebook. 7 families said they were coming and three changed their rsvp this morning and others didn’t show.”

The video has racked up 7.8 million views so far as well as over 288k likes and almost 17k comments. And while it’s hard to imagine, Avery and her mom are not alone when it comes to a sad situation like this. Users sent their condolences for Avery’s solo birthday. They also chimed in with their own personal stories about similar instances, helping the little girl and mom to know they are not alone.

“This happened to me on my 16th bday. Never had tried again until I was like 26 and it happened again. I’m 39, now I always treat myself to a spa day,” one user wrote.

One mom noted that this happened to her own daughter and now, they attend every single birthday pary they are invited to to make sure that another child doesn’t feel that pain.

“This happened to one of my daughters Now I make sure we show up to everyone’s party we are invited to. I never want to see that pain for any child,” she wrote.

Breanna still celebrated her daughter, though, In addition to the party planning, she also posted a super-cute compilation video in celebration of Avery’s three years. You can feel the love.

Luckily, even though mom had a really rough day, Avery was young enough not to notice the lack of guests.

"She got everything she wanted. Pizza, frozen cake and jungle gym. She didn't know any different rather than having fun. Just shattered my heart," Breanna commented.

It’s great the pre-schooler wasn’t bothered, but it’s also a good reminder to be proactive about RSVPs.