This Toddler Trying Pizza For The First Time Is All Of Us

by Jody Allard
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A woman's tweet about her daughter's first-time eating pizza on top of an image of a toddler raising...
Image via Twitter/Jody Avirgan

One dad’s tweet about his daughter’s reaction to pizza is going viral

If you’ve ever tucked into a pizza with complete and utter abandon (and let’s be real, who hasn’t?), you’ll appreciate this toddler’s epic reaction to her first taste of pizza.

Dad Jody Avirgan, host of the FiveThirtyEight podcast, tweeted a picture of his daughter’s sublime reaction to pizza over the weekend and it immediately went viral — proving that pizza really is the issue that brings America together.

The image features Avirgan’s toddler daughter with her arms raised, eyes closed, face smeared with sauce, having herself a freaking moment with her new favorite meal. Can we get an hallelujah?

Let’s face it: Avirgan’s daughter is all of us. And fellow pizza lovers immediately jumped in to share their own deep feelings for the cheesy pie of goodness.

Some of them even shared pictures of their own kids’ love affair with pizza. Their parents should be proud.

Other parents shared their kids’ non-pizza food obsessions, reminding us that while pizza is perfect, it’s not the only food worthy of our undying love.

This video of a toddler sleep eating a face-full of pasta is every parent around 3 a.m.

Even companies got in on the fun, with this tweet from frozen pizza maker, DiGiorno.

In and amongst all of the pizza love, Avirgan had a few words for Chicago-style pizza lovers — and depending on your pizza preferences, they may be fighting words.

But no matter which type of pizza you prefer, we can probably all agree that pizza is perfection — and a new meme was just born.

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