The Best Toothbrush Holders To Contain Your Bathroom Clutter

by Kate Antoniades
Toothbrushes placed in toothbrush holders next to the sink in the bathroom that contain the bathroom...

Toothbrush holders are a key part of organizing your bathroom (almost as essential as those extremely helpful bath toy organizers that corral all your kids’ bath stuff). If you and your partner aren’t lucky enough to have your own kid-free bathroom, and especially if you have a small vanity, bathrooms can get cluttered very easily. And with the help of toothbrush holders to contain (some of) the mess, it’ll be much easier for you to enjoy your precious “me time” and relax with those spa bathroom products and luxe towels you bought a while ago.

The toothbrush holders below run the gamut from basic to fancy and will hold your electric toothbrushes, your kids’ toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more. Some are wall-mounted, while others sit on your sink counter; some are covered, while others aren’t. One of them even kills germs with UV light! The one thing these toothbrush holders won’t do is make your kids actually want to brush their teeth. (My mom-tip for that: light-up timer toothbrushes!)

So if your bathroom is in need of some clutter containment, check out the best toothbrush holders below!

Best Toothbrush Holders

Best Electric Toothbrush Holders

Best Covered Toothbrush Holders