We Found The Trendy Home Decor That's All Over Instagram -- And It's All Under $100

by Amanda Davis
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A woman wrapped in the ERLYEEN chunky knit blanket on the left, Boston loft furnishings wall mirror ...
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After scrolling Instagram for what probably adds up to hours a day (we’ll talk about that issue later), there is no way you haven’t been “influenced” even a little. Personally, half of my feed is home inspiration, decor, and influencers — basically, another Pinterest board — and there are quite a few spring and summer trends that have already emerged. Lots of natural accents, odd vases, statement wall art, and TONS of plants. It’s safe to say that more people have really gotten into decorating their homes the way they actually want after being stuck inside for a year. So hey, props to us.

If you are someone who likes to stay up-to-date on what’s new and trending in the decor world (at least according to Instagram), you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of things in style that will be gone tomorrow, but these are the few things that will make a lasting impact in your home. Check out all the trendy, cool home decor below!

Best Trendy Home Decor


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