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Young Boy Roasts His Mom About Her Marriage Choice: "Why Do You Have Him As A Husband?"

He just doesn't get the appeal.

The Waters Family went viral after their son, Noah, had a totally perfect deadpan reaction to his da...
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If I had a nickel for every time my mom told me a story about my dad where I was left absolutely befuddled as to how she thought the story was funny and not grounds for divorce, I’d have like, at least 25 cents. She’d chuckle while relaying the cringey moment as I would look at her like, “How do you think this is funny and why is he your husband again?”

One young boy had similar (and much more light-hearted) questions for his mom after a hilarious family interaction.

The Waters Family went viral after their son, Noah, had a totally perfect deadpan reaction to his dad’s cringey moment caught on film.

As matriarch, Amanda, films her son working on some math homework. Her husband, Casey, walks in to give a little update on how bedtime is shaking out with the other kids.

“Read a book to Jax ... Game’s on ... I'm giving you a kiss because you gave me a kiss earlier,” he notes before heading out of the room to go have some solo dad time. Amanda giggles behind the camera.

As he backs out of the room, he makes a strange noise along with some silly hand gestures. Amanda continues to giggle while panning the camera to her Noah, who looks totally dumbfounded.

“Why do you have him as a husband?” he asks.

“I have no idea. Why do you have him as a dad?” she shoots back.

“It’s not my fault,” Noah shoots back.

“You think he's cool?” Amanda asks.

“Well, in general, no,” Noah replies before referencing his dad’s strange noises. “But when he does that, makes him non-cool.”

“Do you do that at school?” Amanda says with a laugh.

“No, definitely not...” Noah replies.

The video went mega-viral, gaining over 7.8 million views with thousands of TikTok users commenting on the video, applauding the young boy’s honesty and cracking up at the candid moment.

“He’s like ‘I didn’t pick him, but you sure did’ 😂😂😂,” one user wrote.

Another said, “He’s really wondering where you found that man 💀😂😂.”

“Young sir said I didn’t have a choice but you did 🤣😂😂” another echoed.

One user wrote, “I don’t have children yet but I hope mine are like this 😂.”

Others pointed out that while Noah’s confusion about his dad is totally valid coming from a kid’s perspective, Casey is actually a good dad.

“I love how he tells you the things he did & assures you before he goes to have his ‘him time.’ So important ♥️. Y’all are cute,” one user wrote.

Another said, “This young man is a hater. His Dad is AMAZING 😂.”