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A New Mom Asked People To Share Why They Love Their Moms — And You’ll Cry Reading The Responses

“What were the things that she did, or that you did together, big or small?”

A new mom put out a call to all her followers, sharing that she is “on a mission” to be the best mom...
evie_taber / TikTok

A new mom put out a call to all her followers, sharing that she is “on a mission” to be the best mom she can be. She asked her followers to comment on her video and share what their own mom did when they were a child to make them speak about her in high regard as an adult.

“I am on a mission to be a really good mom, and so I wanted to ask TikTok if you are an adult woman, and you would say you love your mom and you feel appropriately close to her, what did she do when you were a kid? Like, what were the things that she did, or that you did together, big or small?” Evie Taber asked.

“I think it's usually like the little things, but I feel like most women have a really tough relationship with their mom. Like, everyone talks about daddy issues, but I feel like mother wounds are actually way more prevalent and potentially much more damaging, and so I am very curious for those of you who would speak highly of your mother — why is that?”

After her video gained traction, hundreds of TikTok users commented on the video, giving the reasons why their mom was the best mom for them. Some of the reasons were big, emotional triumphs like breaking chains of generational trauma.

“She never made her problems my problems,” one user wrote.

Another said, “She never shared anything I told her in private. I knew I could confide in her because that's where it stopped”

“No matter what I was interested in she would dive into it with me 110% I always thought we just liked the same things but I realize now she intentionally made a big effort to make support my hobby,” one user shared.

“My mom never ever let me see her worried. I had some weird health issues as a kid and she always said “if I’m not worried, you don’t need to be” I’m sure she actually was but she never let it show,” another said.

Other TikTok users commented that the smallest gestures from their moms made a huge difference for them growing up.

“My mom used to put my clothes in the dryer for a few minutes before she woke me up for school so I would be warm 🥹” one user commented.

“I am quite literally obsessed with my mom. One thing she did was lay down with us at night until we fell asleep. I remember being 15 and still asking her to lay with me so we could chat about the day,” another said.

“One-on-one time! My mom would make clothes shopping SO fun for us and took each of my sisters individually for a whole day out at the mall and made us feel so special. Things like that ❤️,” one user shared.

Other TikTok users commented on the video that they didn’t have a stellar relationship with their moms but this video helped them see what a good mom looks like.

“Thank you for this. I do not have a good relationship with my mother, and I want to be everything for my kids that she wasn’t. These comments are so helpful 🩷,” one user shared.

“What a wonderful question!! I’m misty-eyed thinking of what a great mom you are, by even being this curious. ♥️,” another said.

Seriously, try reading through this comment section and not get misty-eyed! It feels so good to know how many good moms there are, and I grabbed some tips for my motherhood journey.