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A Mom Flipped At The Beach Because A Teen Wore A Bikini In Front Of Her 4-Year-Old Son

The exchange was captured in a viral video.

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A woman is under scrutiny after an angry tirade about a teen wearing a bikini.

Raising boys to be thoughtful, emotionally open, and kind can be tough in a world that wants them to run the patriarchy. And raising boys to treat women equally and with respect can be tough when they’re socialized at every turn to objectify, sexualize, and dominate them.

And honestly, this one completely-out-of-control boy mom at the beach is not helping anyone. Karen alert!

It all started as a nice, normal day at the beach. That all changed when a woman one towel over from a mom and her family started harassing her for letting her teenager wear a revealing bikini at the beach.

Her main complaint? It was distracting her 4-year-old son, as if toddlers have any idea about decency or sexuality.

“What kind of mother are you to let your daughter wear a thong and show her a— cheeks around a 4-year-old kid? She’s wearing a f—ing thong,” the extremely pleasant person said.

“No, I’m not,” the teens says off camera — calmer than she needs to be.

“What kind of mother are you to allow your daughter to have her a—cheeks hanging out,” the woman chides.

“She’s wearing a swimsuit,” the other mom replies. “That’s your problem, and your son’s problem.”

The woman then demands to know why the other woman is filming, and she explains it’s for her safety. Which makes sense, because the next thing that happens is that the woman threatens to beat her up.

Finally, the woman tells her kids that they’re leaving, solidifying that she’s the one ruining everyone’s day at the beach, not anyone else.

So, just to clarify, who is the bad mom here: the one who allows her teen kid to wear what they’re comfortable in, or the one who is swearing, shouting, and threatening violence during a beach day?

And in case you are still somehow on the side of the belligerent mom, she ends the confrontation by finding a way to be even more horrible.

“If my son rapes your daughter when he’s older, it’s not my problem,” she seethes.

OK, right. Perhaps we should have guessed that this woman would enter into the “she was asking for it” mentality.

As one might guess, the internet had nothing good to say about the out-of-line mom who was sexualizing kids and starting fights.

“So shes sexualizing both a 4 year old and a 13 year old, while cursing at a stranger in front of said 4 year old, and also threatening violence in front of him, AND excusing rape,” the top comment reads. “Cool cool cool.”

“Seems like the perfect opportunity to teach your son not to objectify women into the sum of their lady parts. But no, let’s blame the girl for tempting a 4 yr old,” another wrote.

And this really summed it up:

“The most toxic and dangerous thing for children to be exposed to is anger. rage, and violence.”

Well said.

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