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Women Are Sharing Their Strategies For Getting A Favorite Baby Name Past Their Partner

Some of these suggestions are more than a little sneaky.

Moms are sharing their best strategies for getting more power over choosing their baby names.
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A lot of women have very special baby names that they’ve been saving since childhood — names that have a special meaning or names that just sound totally beautiful and perfect for your future kids. But what happens if you find a partner, get pregnant, and your very special name isn’t a favorite of the baby’s other parent?

That’s exactly what was on Kaiden Kilpatrick’s mind when she uploaded a TikTok asking women, “So what are y’all going to do if your husbands don’t like the baby name you’ve had picked out since you were 15? I know it’s had to have happened to somebody!”

Well, women from around the world have a lot of answers (and a lot of strategies) for dealing with this pretty common conflict between new parents. And they were eager to share. The ask racked up thousands of responses in the comments section plus tons of stitched videos, too.

Many women had a simple answer: If i push the baby out of my body, I get to name it.

“I birthed them, I name them,” one mom put it simply.

“They’re coming out of me, I name them,” another echoed.

Others “compromised” by letting their husbands name the pets.

“I mean, we would have to compromise, that’s what marriage is all about,” one woman said. “We’ll get a fish so that he can use his name suggestion.”

“Blake Sheldon once said, ‘You name the babies, I’ll name the dogs,’ and that’s basically what me and my husband did.

Other moms explained that since the kid gets the husband’s last name (most of the time), the mother gets more input on the first name.

“He gets the last name that’s ITTTTT,” one person explained.

“Well, he picked my last name, by giving me his. And if I have to carry it, I should get to pick,” said another woman in the stitched video.

Another proven strategy? Make your partner think they have more of a say than they actually do.

“Give some terrible baby names until he agrees with the one I liked,” one mom spills.

“You have to casually drop some wild options so then the names in your actual list seem like the better option,” another advised.

Or (and this is slightly better than the pet naming option) you can give him the middle name.

Another trick? Let them pick out of some pre-approved options.

“He can pick, but only out of my list,” one woman said.

“I am currently having this discussion now,” another said. “I have a long list of names and alternatives that he can choose from.”

And finally: There’s the option of just making him feel really bad.

“I traumatized him by almost dying during childbirth so I got to pick the name,” one woman said.

That’s one way to do it!

Finally, a few people — and I know this is weird — suggested having an open, honest conversation about baby names and finding one that both people love. To each their own!