Parents Bring Toddler To 10pm Rock Show, Set Him On Stage So He Can 'See Better'

by Maria Guido
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You know a great place for a toddler? A loud rock show at 10 p.m. — said no sane parent, ever. This weekend, parents exercised some epically bad judgment and were called out by the performer they paid to see.

The short version of the story: they brought their toddler to a late evening show by the rock band, Rasputina, and set him on the stage so he could “see better.” Long version: they were called out by Rasputina front woman, Melora, claimed they were asked to leave because they were breastfeeding, and took to the internet to scream breastfeeding shaming!

You don’t set stuff on the stage during a live performance: drinks, phones, or toddlers. Besides, you know what live performances almost always involve? An amp and speakers on the stage. They’re loud, regardless of the genre of music. Rasputina’s music is not acoustic — a toddler had no business being this close to those things.

But, there’s always two sides to a story — and here’s theirs:

The performer was probably in a state of shock that she was staring down a toddler at a loud, late, live show — and made few jokes to make mom uncomfortable and urge her to leave. The mom claims to have been there for hours, even through the opening performance, as if that makes it any better. Here’s what that opening musician (who her toddler seemed to love) had to say about the whole thing:

Breastfeeding was never mentioned — except by the parents and the internet rage-machine — by the way.

It’s important to support women who are shamed for breastfeeding. This does not seem to be a case of breastfeeding shaming, though. This mom still refuses to see what’s wrong with setting a two-year-old on stage at a 10 p.m. show. — and figures she was shamed for feeding her toddler. At 10 p.m. At a live show. On stage. Someone is missing the big picture here.

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No matter – there’s still plenty of people ready to stand up to the growing problem of rock-star-breastfeeding-shamers:

I think it’s pretty sad that you open your events to a wide age range and expect parents to respect your show (like “please do not set your toddler on the stage”), yet you feel it’s acceptable to disrespect parents and make a public scene over a natural thing as breastfeeding their children.
Public service announcement…this band is HORRIBLE. Calling out a mother in the audience who is quietly breastfeeding. WTF?
The lead singer of Rasputina is a weirdo who needs to worry about her own boobs. I heard how this ignorant git shamed one of her fans repeatedly and publicly as she was simply trying to enjoy the show and feed her baby.
You clearly need some education on breastfeeding laws and most certainly on human decency.
I hope you guys regret publicly shaming a breastfeeding mother. It’s getting shared! So sad our society has come to this.

The mom that was ejected from the show is either completely clueless, or is using manufactured breastfeeding outrage for retaliation. Not good. One commenter said:

I don’t care if you’re breastfeeding 3 starving orphans, a endangered Siberian tiger cub or a baby panda. You have NO RIGHT to put your kid on the stage at a concert!


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with exposing your kid to live music. It’s fantastic, actually. Just use a little common sense. “All ages” doesn’t mean “bring your two-year-olds to a 10pm show.” That shouldn’t even need to be said.

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