Parents Hilariously Troll Their College Kid By Recreating Her Silly Selfies

by Ashley Austrew
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When you send your kid off to college, it’s tempting to stalk them on social media and preemptively judge all their life choices, but one pair of insanely cool parents decided to skip all of that and just poke fun at their daughter instead.

Emily Musson is a student at LIM College in New York and dating a guy her parents haven’t met yet. Like most young people, Musson and her man, Johnny, are very much a part of the selfie generation. They’ve only been dating for a few weeks, so they decided to show off their new love by posting a collage of goofy photos on social media. Emily’s parents, Nancy and Craig, saw the photos and decided to show their approval by making a selfie collage of their very own.

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Musson shared the photos on Twitter where they went massively viral and were retweeted over 40,000 times. She’s been sharing links as the photos get picked up by different media sources and at one point just tweeted the word “whoa” in response to all the attention. Emily told Buzzfeed she’s not surprised her parents took the photos because they love to mock her. What’s shocked her, though, is the insane response because she doesn’t even think the photos are all that funny.

Musson may never admit it, but she’s got a set of extremely awesome parents. According to Cosmo, they’ve been together for 28 years and obviously have a wonderful relationship. Plus, they seem totally supportive and laid back about their grown-up daughter’s life.

College students are adults, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of moms and dads from hovering over them, judging their friends, relationships, and pretty much all of their choices. It happened to me when I was in college and that was back before true “helicopter parenting” was even a thing. If I’d posted a bunch of selfies with my boyfriend, my parents probably would have called me with 400 invasive questions, rather than texted me a hilarious response.

If you want to keep your kids close as they grow up and leave the house, having fun with them and relating to them is the way to do it. Emily might not think her mom and dad are all that hilarious but personally, I think they should be teaching parenting classes. Not only do they have this whole “raising kids” thing down to a science, but they could probably give us some pointers on upping our selfie game as well.

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