Parents Face Charges After Renting Party Bus For Child's 14th Birthday

by Cassandra Stone
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The party bus was full of 60 maskless kids crammed onto the vehicle who then proceeded to fight each other

There are people who aren’t great at mitigating risks this year and then there are these folks: parents who rented a party bus for their child’s 14th birthday. During a pandemic. Who have now been charged by the police because 60 maskless kids ended up fist-fighting each other during the “party.”

The incident occurred over the weekend when police officers on duty saw an unmarked bus enter the Hilltop Shopping Center just outside of Cincinnati. The bus had apparently traveled from Cincinnati to the center, dropping off the huge group of kids without permission from the shopping center’s owner.

In a Facebook statement, the police say the group wasn’t wearing masks nor were they trying to maintain social distancing in any way. Which, yeah, they’re on a bus.

“Juveniles were seen exiting without masks or maintaining social distance,” the statement reads. “Shortly thereafter, several fights broke out which necessitated calls for assistance from other police agencies. One juvenile attempted to strike Mt. Healthy Police Officer Dunn and was arrested.”

The party bus driver then fled the scene after disregarding the officer’s command to have the kids re-board the bus. Police then directed the kids to socially distance themselves, and the teenagers refused to comply. So police then had to spend the next hour breaking up fights because the kids were pissed off that their PANDEMIC PARTY came to an abrupt end and parents had to come and pick up their kids.

“Our investigation continues but we have determined the original invitation was posted on Social Media as an “OPEN INVITE,” the statement continues. “The parents responsible have been identified and will be charged with violations of the Governor’s Orders and we are consulting with the Prosecutor’s Office in hopes of adding additional criminal charges for the parents and the others involved.”

You know, if people were better at policing themselves during this pandemic, then we wouldn’t need the actual police to waste time breaking up a teen’s birthday brawl in the parking lot of a suburban shopping center.

Obviously, the responsibility for this fiasco falls solely on the shoulders of these negligent parents. Sure, the kids were being little punks, but what can you expect when their own parents are totally fine displaying and enabling entitled behavior? Like honestly, do we think it’s things like “participation trophies” that breed entitlement in our children, or do we think maybe it’s disregarding public health safety guidelines and stomping all over the rights of others we could easily pass a deadly virus to? Hmmm. Real head-scratcher, that one.

“Parents – it is your responsibility to manage your children,” the statement concludes. “Mount Healthy Police will not tolerate blatant law violations especially when such action endangers our community, our officers, and public health. The Hilltop Plaza is not public property and should not be used without the permission of the owners.”