Parents Use A GoPro For The Best Game Of Hide And Seek, Ever

by Maria Guido

Have you ever wondered what’s going through your toddler’s mind when he picks a spot to hide during hide-and-go-seek? Or when he tries to find you? Dan Iverson and his wife Kallie had the brilliant idea of strapping a GoPro to their toddler and playing hide and seek. When you see this you’re going to want to do the exact same thing.

For the length of the video, the parents hide inside their bedroom closet, basically seeing through their toddler’s eyes. You can almost sense his little brain working. It’s awesome to see him looking around, figuring the game out for himself.

Ultimately the dog gives the parents’ hiding place away, but this is a cool minute of video. What a great idea. How cool is it to see how our little one experiences the world?

“If you have a toddler and a GoPro, strap it to their head and play hide & seek,” says Dan on his Facebook post about the video. “It’ll be the best thing you did. Promise.”

We believe you.