Guy Edits Whining About Masks Into A 'Parks And Rec' Town Hall

by Christina Marfice
Guy Edits Comments About Masks Into A 'Parks And Rec' Town Hall

If you’ve been thinking it feels like we all live in an episode of Parks and Rec, you’re definitely not alone

Some of the most memorable episodes of Parks and Rec were when the Pawnee government team held town hall meetings — and invited angry Pawneeans to yell at them about all kinds of ridiculous things, like what to put in the town time capsule or why they should limit how much corn syrup each person consumes.

Well, these days in real life, there are a lot of town hall meetings happening to talk about the same thing: Wearing masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s a pretty simple concept, really: Science says wearing a mask might help keep you from spreading the virus if you’re sick or asymptomatic, which means if it’s right, you could save lives by wearing one, and if it’s wrong, you just have to wear some fabric on your face. No big deal, right? LOL, wrong. People are super mad about this, for reasons us logical thinkers just cannot understand.

Mostly, the people who are upset about having to wear masks are uninformed or believe in conspiracy theories, and boy do they like to yell about it. Just like the folks at town hall meetings on Parks and Rec. So Law Sharma, an actor and producer, decided to put together clips of people angry about face mask mandates with clips of the Parks and Rec team reacting to the crazies at their town hall meetings, and the result is just *chef’s kiss.*

Just.. absolute perfection.


“We’re officially living in a Parks and Rec episode,” Sharma wrote, and, well, we can’t really argue with that as we watch the people in the clip make arguments like face masks are fetish wear, and to make everyone wear one is basically turning everyone into someone who’s into “sadomasochism and bondage.” Yes, that really happened — and in real life, not in a Parks and Rec episode.


A woman at a Palm Beach town hall shouted, “This is a planned-demic. This is totally political, and you know it!” In Sharma’s edit, Leslie Knope stares back at the shrieking lady in total confusion. It’s too perfect.


“Well, as a diehard fan of Parks and Rec, it was hard to watch the footage of these passionate citizens and not immediately think of the town hall meetings in Pawnee,” Sharma told Buzzfeed about why he made the video. “It was kind of painful to listen through these people complaining about having to wear a mask, but it was worth it in the end. Mostly, I’m just happy people got a kick out of it and we’re able to laugh during a pretty dark time in our nation’s history.”


In all seriousness, though, wear a damn mask. It’s not a conspiracy. It won’t impact your ability to breathe. It won’t give you a sexual fetish. But it just might save some lives. Is this really that hard?

The ending it truly deserved.