Woman Videos Her Flight From Hell -- And Her Reaction Is Priceless

by Meredith Bland
Image via FB video screengrab

Video of passenger’s reaction to feet in her seat goes viral

What is going on with people tossing their bare feet every which way on airplanes these days? We’ve seen nightmare footage before of this stinky affront to human decency, but this week, a woman named Jasmine Mays posted a video of another person’s feet on her armrest that has us rolling with laughter.

On September 7th, Mays was on a flight, sitting by the window, minding her own business, when the person behind her inserted their bare feet into her world. Her reaction? Priceless.

That face. Oh my God, that face.

Is that not how every single one of us feels looking at those feet? Most of us would prefer that no one ever take off their shoes on an airplane, but we can understand that feet swell up and sometimes it’s necessary. But to then put your naked feet into the personal space of another passenger, cross your legs, and chill? NOPE.

That bottom foot may be apologetic about it, but that top foot cares not at all about Mays and her comfort. That foot is not only taking her armrest, it’s also inches away from blocking her view. Mays might as well put her pillow under those feet and drape her blanket over them. Those feet are going to demand her peanuts, next.

What. In. God’s. Name. Indeed.

Let this be a notice to all those people out there who are perfectly happy to prop their feet on your seat, take off their pants, eat fish, or any number of other airline offenses: this is what we’re all thinking. We may not have this expression on our faces, in fact, we may look like we’re totally cool with you clipping your toenails next to us, but trust us — this is what we look like on the inside.

Mays’ video has now been watched over 6 million times. Seems we aren’t the only ones who can’t get enough of that slow pan back and forth between those feet and her face. There are so many reasons to get angry about the behavior of other passengers when you’re flying — it’s nice to have a reason to laugh.